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FSX PFD/ Radio Altimeter Upgrade
0.92Mb (1137 downloads)
A good flight has to end with a great landing. For a great landing you’ ll need precision. And for precision you need an accurate and readable Radio Altimeter (radalt) reading. FSX does provide radalts with most jets but they are not accurate and sometimes not readable. With this update 3 different types of aircraft receive a correction to the radalts readings and they are now easily read, almost like the real thing.
Posted May 27, 2011 18:34 by Dimitris Moschos
0.00Mb (265 downloads)
PFD for FIP Patch. Correction for the PDF gauge for the FIP. I missed an information in installation instruction. In SaiFlightSimX.xml instruction, instead of File="pfdvge.xml" read File="Gauges\pfdvge.xml"
Posted May 25, 2011 03:42 by philippe verhaege
0.25Mb (1762 downloads)
For Saitek Pro Flight Instrument Panel. This is a full functional Primary Flight Display (PFD) Glass type gauge. 1. Artificial horizon with sliding bug (yellow). 2. Moving tapes for:Air speed, Altitude, Heading. 3. Detail window for altitude. 4. Needle for vertical speed. 5. Glide slope and Localizer bars, they appear when in range of ILS only. 6. Digital values for: Total Air Temperature (TAT), QNH, Mach number, VOR 1 selected course, VOR 1 bearing, DME 1 range, Radio height altitude up to 2000 feet, above a bar go through the window. Vertical speed, a minus sign appears when vertical speed is negative. 7. Autopilot bugs for: Selected altitude, Selected speed, Selected heading. Rmk: Bugs appear only when autopilot ALT, SPD or HDG functions are selected. 8. Display Autopilot functions with Text acronysm in yellow: AP, Autopilot Master On, THR, auto throttle mode engaged, SPD, air speed mode selected, HDG, heading mode selected, NAV, navigation mode selected (VOR 1), APR, approach mode selected, BC, back course mode selected. 9. Knobs functions: Right, allows to change QNH value. Left, allows to move VOR 1 course.
Posted May 23, 2011 14:17 by philippe verhaege
Shadin MiniFlo-L
0.23Mb (548 downloads)
Fuel Flow indicator (PPH or GPH) FSX and FS 2004 stand alone XML gauge for single engine aircrafts. By Pierre Fasseaux
Posted May 6, 2011 10:41 by Pierre fasseaux
Update for HSI_glass.zip
0.11Mb (2014 downloads)
For Saitek Pro Flight Instrument Panel. Update of HSI_glass.zip which provides a speed stripe on the left side and ADF bearing window is moved just below the course window. This update has to be used with HSI_glass.zip file. First xml with main steps of 5 KTS up to 600 KTS. Second xml with main steps of 10 KTS up to 1200 KTS.
Required files:
required file
Posted Apr 9, 2011 08:30 by Philippe Verhaege
FSX/FS2004 Boeing 747 Clock
0.18Mb (646 downloads)
Original FS2004 reworked xml gauge : GMT added to already existing but slightly modified functions (Local Time, date, timer, Elapsed time and simrate). For FSX as well. By Pierre Fasseaux.
Posted Apr 2, 2011 04:56 by Pierre fasseaux
Saitek  Pro Flight Instrument Panel Beech Baron engines gauge
0.15Mb (1261 downloads)
This gauge provides all essential engines' indications, engines RPM, Manifold pressure, fuel flow and also the fuel tanks levels, flaps positions, Pitch TRIM and landing gear position. Red needles are for left engine and green needles are for right engine.
Posted Mar 26, 2011 13:51 by Philippe Verhaege
Saitek  Pro Flight Instrument Panel HSI
0.10Mb (2605 downloads)
For Saitek Pro Flight Instrument Panel. This HSI Glass type gauge provides Digital values for: VOR 1 course, Heading, Autopilot heading, VOR 1 bearing, VOR 2 bearing, ADF bearing, DME 1, DME 2. Needles of: VOR 1, VOR 2, ADF, horizontal situation bar. indexes of: Vertical situation bug, Autopilot heading. Knobs functions: Right, allows to move autopilot index. Left, allows to move VOR 1 course. Instructions in French and English
Posted Mar 26, 2011 13:46 by Philippe Verhaege
Falcon MFC-500 Digital Clock
0.19Mb (616 downloads)
FS2004/FSX stand alone XML gauge. Three functions : LT (= local time) , FT (= automatic flying time cumulated) and ET (= chrono). Two background bitmaps available (w/ or w/o screws). Key stroke processing possible (FSX only) . By Pierre Fasseaux.
Posted Mar 25, 2011 04:33 by Pierre fasseaux
Bendix-King Radio Appliances
0.15Mb (1169 downloads)
KY196 COM , KY196B COM, KN53 NAV1, KN53 NAV2 and KN53(B) NAV1. By Pierre Fasseaux
Posted Mar 17, 2011 09:51 by Pierre fasseaux
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