Welcome to the Valkyrie II screenshot page.  I will be uploading new pics of the different versions of the SR-75 to this page as they progress. The SR-75 will make it's debut during Battle of the Airlines: MISSION Moon race, however the first plane to be released will be the SR-75A in true "test plane" form with long nose boom, analog avionics and single-seat configuration. The Shuttle Carrier Aircraft will be available for all to download following the close of the BOTA race. The 75B and 75C I expect to release in late spring or early summer.

SR-75A Phase I  - "Valkyrie Alpha"  (Aircraft 1000-96)
75a5.jpg 75a1.jpg 75a4.jpg SR75Axhgr.jpg
75a2.jpg 75a3.jpg 75Apanel.jpg sr1.jpg


SR-75A Phase II  Shuttle Carrier Aircraft - "Super Valkyrie"  (Modified SR-75A Aircraft 1001-02)
SCApanel.jpg scameet2.jpg scameet.jpg Image29.jpg
scamdd6.jpg scamdd7.jpg sca11.jpg ARXSCAdawn.jpg
ARXSCA1.jpg dusk752.jpg land1.jpg srsv.jpg