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Missions & Campaigns Page 15
CFS-1. Final Desert Operations The final 4 missions of 'Day in the Desert' and 'Luftwaffe Day in the Desert' series that must be installed to run. An all inclusive download, new aircraft and scenery included. By Terry Baldwin. 2.3MB
Nachtjagd over Germany. Fight in your He219 Uhu against RAF Bomber Command during WWII night campaigns. Both German and British aircrafts included along with missions and some sceneries add-ons made by Edmundo Abad and Arno Brooks. Enjoy! Ricardo Rubio. 1.6MB
CFS-1. 1st Circus January 1941 and 92Sqn. are off on their first 'Circus' raid to Boulogne as close escort to a bomber force of Blenheims. A veritable armada of fighters to protect the bombers, but can they cope with the defending Luftwaffe fighters ? or can the defending 109e's down the bombers to prevent the attack. Fly both sides to determine the outcome. A pair of very busy missions, not for the faint hearted, all inclusive download. By Terry Baldwin. 457K
JETS N' PROPS, Four missions for CFS-1 Seafury versus Mig, or Mustang versus Mig, two historic missions plus the same missions in reverse. See if you can do better than the original Mig drivers. Two aircraft included. By Richard Steele. 1.1MB
CFS 1 Missions Pacific warriors; AZTEC EAGLES A 13 mission campaign inspired by the missions flown by the 201st squadron, Mexican Expeditionary Force, in the Philippines, 1945. Two sets of missions are supplied, one set (Aztec Eagles) with the briefings in English, the other set (Aguilas Azteca) with briefings in the original Spanish! A Spanish translation of the read me file is also included. Includes scenery and two aircraft. But does require the aircraft pack from "Pacific Warriors" (pac-war zip) Raul Valenzuela and Richard Steele. 1.7MB
CFS 1 Missions Pacific Warriors Yamamoto Assassination On the 18th of April 1943, the U.S. Army Air Corps carried out an assassination. The target, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. Fly as part of the formation that carried out the longest ranged intercept in history, or try to change history as part of the escort and protect the Admiral. Modified P-38 included, but requires aircraft and scenery from the "Pacific Warriors" base pack. Richard Steele. 426K

CFS1 B17s over Germany. B17 bomber flying campaign of the 8th USAAF in autumn 1943. Including the two famous 'Schweinfurt raids' and the 'battle for Bremen'. Addon 'molesworth' scenery and modified textures for B17 bombers and a flyable B17 are included. This campaign contains 17 missions at all difficulty levels. By Ewi H. 768K

Update: Additional textures for B17s over Germany campaign for CFS1 Additional textures for 303rd bomber group B17s for the B17 over Germany campaign. Contains textures, reworked missions and an aircraft.cfg. Needs B17s over Germany campaign installed first! By Ewi H

CFS1 Attack on Cherbourg Mission. . B-17 raid on Cherbourg.Take off from Guernsey Field and escort the bombers,defend against Axis fighters and watch out for heavy flak over Cherbourg. Designed to go with my Guernsey Field scenery. By David Sumners aka Ddave. 36K
CFS 1 Missions PACIFIC WARRIORS; HIS MAJESTY'S SHIPS Ten mission campaign for the British pacific fleet as it joins with it's American counterpart to support the invasion of Okinawa. Also includes Palembang attack mission (operation Meridian) Scenery and some aircraft included, (see read me for credits) but requires "Pacific Warriors" base pack. Richard Steele. 3.2MB
CFS 1 The Luftwaffe's Final Stand This is a fictional mission. Your assignment is to destroy all of the enemy bombers on their way to attack England. There is a small glitch in the second mission file that allows you to fly any plane. I decided that was ok, so have fun. By: Will Latham. 98K