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Missions & Campaigns Page 2

Campaign : Defense of Wake Island. Fight with the Marines in this campaign that includes aircraft, scenery & missions. File size 2589486

CFS Mission. Lancaster Bombing Raid deep into WW2 Germany. Includes complete Lancaster Bomber with gauges. File size 3685267. Download here or here
Mission: Attack on Paris. You are sent to attack a German stronghold in Paris to be met by a large Luftwaffe air defence. File size 162701

Mission: Air Force One. Mig 29's attack the president's 747. Your command of F-15's can fight them off... File size 382170

The 56th Fighter Group - Zemke's Wolfpack
Join the famous 56th in this historically accurate 6 mission USAAF Campaign.
Uses CFS default aircraft & scenery. File size 55453
Author Bill Potvin

Battle of the Bulge Campaign
An 8 mission campaign using CFS default aircraft.
The initial missions included with the Campaign revolve around the 23rd and 24th of December 1944, with an initial mission covering a key group of sorties on the 18th. Five of these first missions are from December 23rd alone, so get ready for a busy day. File size 69440 Author Bill Potvin

North Italy Campaign 2. Three complete non-historical campaigns in this
comprehensive project comprising 18 missions each from RAF, USAAF & Luftwaffe
Also includes required aircraft. Does not require previous versions or other
files. File size 3364257 (3.3mb)
Author Jonathon Pearson

Pearl Harbour Mission, requires FS98 scenery for Hawaii. File size 321783. P Simpson


B-17 into Germany and bomb berlin. tanks are the target, there is about 30 of them. there are also 8 enemy fighter's. John Downs

Moresby. Outstanding Freeware Campaign by the author of the Guadalcanal Campaign Fight with the RAAF against the Japanese over the New Guinea jungle New CFS style scenery includes nav aids for use in Free Flight Lite version.

Option 1: For those already having the Guadalcanal Campaign - Download Moresby.zip (1mb) & plane_lite.zip Full version.(2.4mb)

Option 2: For those without the previous Campaign - Download Moresby.zip (1mb) & plane_full.zip (4.5mb)

FS98 Oceania scenery recommended but not necessary to fly the Campaign

Update 1. Coral_1.zip Coral Sea (US) campaign, based on the Coral Sea Battle and previous US Navy and USAAF operations in the New Guinea Theatre (February - May 1942). Includes CoralCG.zip which adds a carrier group with landable carrier. By M Giacomazzi. File size 98667

By Mauro Giacomazzi

Air Superiority for the Dieppe Operation Fly a Spitfire Mk V escorting a flight of the brand new Hawker Typhoon fighters-bombers over their target. Lot of action and plenty of enemy fighters here: your Spitfire is more agile to handle and you will take by surprise your enemy. But this is not a milk run... By A Paoleschi. 565k

CAM = Catapult Aircraft Merchantmen. This is a little mission in the Arctic waters. Your Hurricane is embarked on a CAM, a catapult adapted to a standard convoy ship. You are ready to intercept the long column of german bombers that daily attack your convoy. When done, you have no airport to land! You must splash near your convoy and hope to be rescued! Note: requires Setclass utility to splash on water without destroy your aircraft! By A Paoleschi. 3k