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Post WW2 & Modern Aircraft Page 6

Sea Harrier FRS1 belonging to 800 sqn (Royal Navy) during the Falklands Conflict of 1982. Although an older model (No moving parts) it does fly amazingly well !!!!!! Probably the best V/STOL out there. Includes DP file but the guns aren't positioned too well. Original By Bill Cusick. Repaint By Robert A Fett (RAF667_Biggles). 164K

Created for CFS. This is my 2nd repaint of the U.S.C.G. MD900 Enforcer. The Coast Guard recently commissioned two MH-90 Enforcer's and assigned them to patrol the southern coast of Florida to monitor drug traffic. I made a dammage profile and added door guns on both sides although the Enforcer only has one 50MM gun installed on the left side. Also I added a nose gun (fictional of course) so that it may be used in head on combat. Hope you enjoy. Aircraft by Tim Harris Repaint and Dammage profile by Tim Werner. 1MB


Generic Gaming Lockheed P80. Flight speed = more or less accurate, handling = [far too] good. The file ap-80.dp has guns which are far to big but p-80.dp is more accurate .I have redesigned the flight model around Bruno Duffort's Corsair- the original designers of this P80 are Chris Lampard, evaluation by Al Goguen and Mike Ballis, as listed in the .air file. I hope they don't mind the minor tweaks. This flies really sweetly - to me anyway - happy flying. James. 283K

FS98/CFS/FS2000 F-14A VF-2 Tomcat FS98/CFS/FS2000 F-14A VF-2 Bounty Hunters Tomcat. A Grumman Tomcat twin engine jet fighter featuring working tail hook, stabilizer, moving gear and flaps. Original by Scott Danko. Repaint by Yosuke Ube. 286K

Pyro's vampire (works with) microsoft flight simulator 98-2000 including Combat Flight Simulator 1 and 2 (the registration name)pyro's vampire.zip model: f14142v15 by: scott danko. Custom textures and airfile by Tom "Vf_103_Pyro" Vaillencourt custom paint features #CCCC66 and black virtual squadron colors. Pilots have #CCCC66 and black checkered helmets and skulls for faces. Includes panel & combat jet sounds. 1.9mb
FS98/CFS/FS2000 F-16A FAP F16A Fighting Falcon of the Portuguese Air Force. T Updated to include moving control surfaces, flaps, gear, afterburner, 3D pilot and glass canopy original afx by Rune Foshaug Remodelled by Colin Norwood Repaint by Joao_Corredeira. 128K
FS98/CFS F/a-18 Hornet Navy F/a-18 Hornet VFA-146 "Blue Diamonds" moving parts, centerline stores for extended range, landing lights, spoilers set up for carrier landings. Original design: B. Arnett Textures: Gary D. Jones Design Modification/Dynamics/Paint: Lewis Magruder. 1.2MB

FS98/FS2000/CFS1/CFS2 TA-4J Skyhawk 'VC-8'. Douglas TA-4j Skyhawk of VC-8 'Redtails' operating out of Naval Station Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico. Bu. No. 154312. VC-8 is today the last US Navy squadron to fly the TA-4j Skyhawk. Original by Deane Baunton. Moving Parts by Lewis Magruder. Repaint by Jens-Ole Kj°lberg. 221K

Ghost's Reality "HEAD 2 HEAD" for the F-16CBlock50 Replace your current files with my files and go Head to Head with the F-16C. (get it here) Special Note: The QUICK COMBAT file contains all of my current aircraft. You may not want them. Therefore, COPY the F16CBlock50 ENTRIES to YOUR QUICK COMBAT File. 15K. Ghostpony.