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CFS2 Lockheed Lightning P-38J-25-LO: Features working 3D gauges, steerable landing gear, full moving parts, correct flap motion, and night time textures . Visual model optimized for high framerate performance. Includes true CFS2 .air file, including boosted ailerons and dive flaps. Sounds are actual P-38 Lightning sounds including Doppler effect. All sound files are coded and watermarked. This is a fully functional freeware demo model and will be part of a forthcoming commercial release by Blue Arrow. By Roger Dial, Mike Hambly, Bruce Thorson (Blue Arrow FS). 9.4MB
CFS2 Corsair IV of No 1850 Sqdn, Royal Navy, HMS Vengeance, early 1945. Finished in overall Gloss dark blue. Lovely model by Roger Dial with textures by Rob Cox, this is a serious rival to the stock F4. No mirror image textures here! An attempt by me to give a high gloss finish for a change instead of the usual matt.. 1.1MB

CFS2 P-61 Black Widow in two liveries, P-61A "Jap Batty" & P-61B "Lady in the Dark". Full virtual cockpit and custom panel. Fightertown Design group. 2.6 Mb


Camouflaged stock CFS2 Corsair! I also put the P-40 Jaw on it for something different. ENJOY! Textures done by _51st_Pipester This is for all of you guys searching for the "red dot" in the sky! Duff a.k.a. _51st_Pipester. 324K
North American PBJ-1J Attack Bomber. Thirteen 0.50 cal. machine guns and three 1,000 lbs. bombs makes a bad day for the Bad Guys. Realistic native CFS2 flight dynamics, blue paint job, new .dp, ready to fly. Requires default B-25 model. Freeware by Steve "Humbug" Baugh. 914K
CFS2 Repaint>> VMF-217 F4U1A "Ring,Dang,Doo" BuNo.50053 Peleliu,September 1944 This work potray one intresting corsair from VMF217. By 'Nightbaron'. 532K
CFS2 Repaint >> VMF-114 Major."COWBOY"Stout F4U-1A Battery Hill,Koror March,1945. This skin potray the aircraft markings of Major cowboy stout, The only ace in the VMF114. Author Nero"nightbaron". 597K
*CFS2 ONLY* Morane-Saulnier Aéronavale Francaise 1949 French aeronaval version of the Fiesler Storch. Multi-model Storch with panel. Upgrade of the Storch with improved turning, fixed prop, Gunner added and improved markings. Now updated with Dynamic Virtual Cockpit. Slow flying General Purpose aircraft fitted with light bombs. Fun to fly & ideal for exploring the CFS2 world. By Greg Law. Repainted by Jean-Jacques Parel. 1.3MB

CFS2_ OS2U Kingfisher of VS-64 stationed at Halavo Seaplane Base on Florida Island in the Solomons chain. 43-44 This is a beta version posted for the purpose of evaluation and feedback. By CM Carlson. 721K

CFS2 ONLY Zero has a custom paint job with special performance features. It is extremely manuverable, faster than anything in the sky and has armour protection comparable to a corsair. Yes this plane is killable for those who ask. Its DP is the same as a corsair. Enjoy. Created by William Friedman. 2.1MB


CFS2 RCAF P-40 Aircraft Package v1.0 Three RCAF P-40 Kittyhawks aircrafts for CFS2. Aircrafts RCAF P-40 AK1034, AK205, and AK905. Two accurate paint schemes, and one fictional, including: 'shark teeth nose art', 'red bat nose art', and 'clean' versions. By Jeffrey Hendricks (_6GRCAF_RANGER) From originals by Joseph P. Amodea and Jorge Alsina. 6MB
Repaint of CFS2 default >> VMF-124 F4U1A USS ESSEX,Phillipines 1944 This skin potray the aircraft from VMF-124 that stationed in the USS ESSEX in the late '44. 528K