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CFS2 Messerschmitt Me 163B-1a Komet German WWII first fighter provided with a rocket engine to accomplish an operational flight. "White 14" marking. Moving parts, transparent canopy with moving pilots head. Rocket engine smoke effect included. Model by Tibor Stilz, Flight dynamics by Mathias Luther. 1.3MB
CFS2 Authorized re-paint of the DoA P40E by Joe Amodea and Jorge Aslina. With their conciderable help and guidance I have recreated Flt. Ldr. M.T. Judd's "Red Arrow" AK 919 Kittyhake1A from the 250th "Sudan" Squadron. Based in Libya in 1942. I thank them both for the opportunity they gave me and the support from all of my friends in the Flight Sim community who kept telling me it wasn't a Piece of Crap. If it wasn't for al of you I would not have been able to finish this.. Thanks to you all.. Joe Hinson/HawkeyeII. 2MB
CFS2 authorized repaint of Joe P. Amodea and Jorge Alsina's Kittyhawk I "Schuftie" from Defense Of Australia, depicting a Kittyhawk I "London Pride" 112 sqd. as used by the RAF in the North Africa theater during World War II - by Joseph H. Nageotte, a.k.a. "Musicman.". 2.6MB
CFS2 He162 Salamender German WWII fighter. Moving parts,Multi model resolution. Smoke effect included. Original Air file by John Bulteel and Rob Fry, palen by shina Texture, DP, Visual model by Frenchee Frederic Martenot. 2MB
CFS2 Black Maria Sopwith. TriplaneThis is a repaint, a totally new, realistic CFS2 flight model, an reworked panel, and a native CFS2 damage profile file for Andy Hall's original Black Maria Sopwith Triplane of WWI fame. The repaint is of Black Roger from the Royal Navy's famed Sopwith Triplane squadron. FREEWARE by Steve "Humbug" Baugh. 412K
Repaint of the Sopwith Camel From FS2000. You must have the default Camel from FS 2000 to work. Just extract to the Sopwith Camel Texture folder. Repaint by me. Joseph H. Nageotte. A.K.A. Musicman. 152K
CFS2 Lavochkin La5-FN "White 93" Flown by Snr Lt V Orekhov, 32.Gv.IAP, 3 Gv.IAD, 1 Gv.IAK, Kursk, July 1943 and Winter sheme For CFS2 only Freeware version The La-5 entered service in 1942. In its developed La-5FN version it was superior to the German fighters at low and medium altitudes.Its disadvantages were primitive equipment, a bounce-inducing undercarriage, and in the early stages very poor production quality. 9,920 were built. This plane is Copyrighted by the DAG (designers Alliance Group) and specially for the : Airfiles : Lee Boyer Damage profiles : Stephane Lehuede (Tubs) Data research : Eric (cfsfrance) Panel : Claudio Dillulo Textures : Alain Coupet (_Ugly_Ducky_) Visual model (plane/payload) : Alain Coupet Virtual Panel : Alain Coupet DAG production.. 4.2MB
CFS spitfire XIVc-D : see enclosed readme especially for panel. Model, flight model, moving parts, textures, mission : Paul Rebuffat original AFX : John Cooper (spitfire IX RCAF) sounds : RALPH PEGRAM. 976K
Polish PZL P-23a & b Karas (2 aircraft) for CFS2 only This package contains both the trainer/reconnaisance version (PZL P-23a), and the bomber version (PZL P-23b) Please consult the separate readme.txt files with each aircraft for more info. Eric of AOL. 3.8MB
Polish observation aircraft LWS/RWD-14b Czapla for CFS2 only. Features: -Historically accurate markings -Panel, and all the normal CFS2 goodies Credits: AIR file/notes/checklist by FSAviator Prop bitmaps (prop.bmp and prop2.bmp) by Robert Reichert and Andrew Wai, modified by Eric MDL,other textures, DP, and the rest by Eric of AOL Panel originally by Michel Polski, modified to better fit a Czapla by FSAviator Aircraft uses stock sounds from the Zero, but a separate sound package fitting this aircraft is downloadable from here. 2.5MB
Polish fighter PZL P-11c for CFS2 only. Features: -Historically accurate markings -Dynamic virtual cockpit -1% AIR file -and the usual goodies Credits: AIR file by gregoryp using the 1% formula Prop bitmaps (prop.bmp and prop2.bmp) by Robert Reichert and Andrew Wai, modified by Eric MDL, panel, other textures, DP, and the rest by Eric of AOL. Custom sounds here.2MB