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CFS2 Pteranodon Quick Combat Drones Unarmed Pteranodon in two sizes, for use as target drones in CFS2 Quick combat, qc_plane file and installation readme included. Have a good bird hunt. 391KB By R C Reddin / Glitch. 446K
CFS2 British D-Class Submarine with working torpedoes. Manualy extract D-Class AND MK-10 Torpedo AND PUT THEM IN YOUR CFS2 Aircraft Folder Put FX_subsmoke in your CFS2 effects folder. By Gerald Goldsmith aka "JOCOOL'. 805K
CFS2 ELCO 80 foot PT Boat. The PT Boat for use as both a \"aircraft\" (playerboat) and a \"ship\" mission object by Bruce Baker and James Smith torpedo by JoeCool. 4.8MB
CFS2 St. Laurent Class DDH Frigate with Helicopter landable pad. FSDS model, Ship.config, damage Profile by Jim "Rockster" Jacobson. 683K
CFS2 3 new gunsights.. Author: Cpl. Steve Martinez. 64K
Combat Flight Simulator II Icon Set 38 Icons - Argentina/ Australia/ Belgium/ Britain/ Canada/ China/ Czechoslovakia/ Finland/ France/ Germany/ Germany_Eagle/ Germany_Eagle_2/ Germany_Hakkenkreuz/ Germany_Hakkenkreuz_Red/ Germany_Hakkenkreuz_White/ Germany_Hakkenkreuz_Yellow/ Germany_IronCross/ Hammer_&_Scicle/ Hungary/Italy/ Japan/ Latvia/ Netherlands/ Poland/ RAF/Rising_Sun/ Romania_1/ Romania_2/Romania_3/ Russia_1/ Russia_2/ Spain/Sweden/ Switzerland/ US_Army_Air_Corp/ US_Navy/ USA/ Yugoslavia. 94K
Custom Multiplayer Ready Room for CFS2 Replaces the stock MultipLayer Ready Room with this custom made Corsair cockpit ready room. Created by FFF_Barefoot Kevin McCloud. 374K
CFS2 SplashScreen. Anglo-Virtual Aviations' RAF English Electric Lightnings 'Legends Formation' A classic RAF Lightning formation from the types 'golden era' in the 1970's: Flight consists of 5 Lightnings from the some of the most famous RAF Squadrons operating her. 710K
CFS2 Mission Builder Infrastructure Add-On Objects "Atlantic Wall Bunkers" , Textures,Scenedb, and Object_dp, by Jim Jacobson. 7.2MB
CFS2 USS Ship Pack. Sail back in time sail these classic ships. Included are the USS Mahan and the IJS Kagero! Includes super good panels! A must have for the sailing type. And remember SAIL don't FLY! By: Jacob Waltz 450K