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Misc Page 2

CFS2 Map. Here I have revamped CFS2 map by Mopar Mike's Midnight Aircraft Parts Emporium. I have removed the Blue and Green colors to save on ink. Longitude & Latitude have been added, also the ADF# for the CFS2 stock airfields by Steve McClelland. (fueladf2.zip) In the file I have included the original map and comments of the authors. Author unknown. 72K
CFS2 exploding object. All textures and damage profiles included. V1 launcher Mission file include by Frédéric Martenot Frenchee. 117K
CFS2 MISSION BUILDING TUTORIAL Combines Parts 1, 2 & 3 into one easy to use document. A fully illustrated guide to building missions in CFS2. Step-by-step instructions on how to design and write successful missions. This booklet will teach the novice how to write three increasingly complex missions. Updated and edited, 47 pages. WORD format. By Cody Coyote. 4.6MB
Russian Missile Library (Part I) for CFS2 This package includes 4 AAMs, which act as timed rockets, and 2 AGMs, which act as normal rockets- although they will inflict greater damage than the stock CFS2 rockets. Mark Walsh. 204K
Accurate flight dynamics and damage profile for FS2000 Sopwith Camel for CFS2 only. Requires default FS2000 Sopwith Camel visual model. FREEWARE by Steve "Humbug" Baugh. 10K
British-Tanks-NA A small CFS2 library of 4 British tanks from the North African campaign. The tanks modeled are the Crusader MkII, Valentine MkII, Matilda MkII and a lend-lease Grant MkI. s seybolt. . 445K
British screen pack for CFS2 ~ Final release ~ by RICHMOND INFORMATION- run your british campaign with british interface !! screen made by Tom MATIC aka richmond auto-install made by Paul Hauschildt. 2.3MB
CFS2 New Look: This is a set of new backgrounds for CFS2. Most of the backgrounds are black-and-white WWII photos. Most of the frequently-used main screens in Free Flight, Quick Combat and Multiplayer are replaced, as are the somewhat annoying cartoon messages after each flight. By Jonny C. 7.2MB

CFS2 HMAS MELBOURNE was one of six 'Majestic' class aircraft carriers which were laid down in 1943, and was in fact laid as HMS Majestic for the Royal Navy. Construction of the Majestic class was suspended in May 1946. In 1947, the Australian government having decided to acquire two aircraft carriers, two of the class, HMS Majestic and HMS Terrible (later HMAS Sydney) were transferred to the Royal Australian Navy. Work resumed on Majestic in 1949 and on 28th October, 1955 she was renamed Melbourne and commissioned in the RAN. Brian Stevenson. 85K

Update; 3k

CFS2 Set of background screens for New Zealand. Like the other recent additions, it's multi-language and has it's own self install. This is one of many with more to come by the Universal Screen Designers group. PCH Paul Hauschildt. 2.3MB
CFS2 Russian Background Screens v 2: This is the latest by Universal Screen Designers group. As good as the Russian background screens were, they've been enhanced. Multi-language install, new screens, very nice additions. PCH Paul Hauschildt. 3.3MB