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Post WW2 & Modern Aircraft Page 3

CFS2 North American F-86E Sabre Upgrade Kit V.1.1 This package contains a Damage Profile and new .AIR file intended for use with the F-86E (f86ev01.zip) by Hayden Scott-Williams. This will convert the aircraft for use in CFS2. This DP features proper gun positions as well as lit engine flames and exhaust. DP file by Chris Coarse .AIR file by Jim Coarse. 210K

CFS2/FS2000 RAF CH1 Chinook A twin-turbine, tandem-rotor, heavy-lift transport helicopter. Model includes an opening loading ramp, moving parts night textures and more. Panel by Michael Vader. Model and sound by Shlomo 'Slo Mo' Hakim. 3.2MB

Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle for CFS2. The F-15E can reach speeds exceeding Mach2 It can carry up to 23,000lbs of payload, including Dumb/Smart air-to-ground weapons and guided air-to-air weapons. This F-15E is textured for the 391st "Bold Tigers" of the 366th Composite Wing. Features moving parts, Working A/B, working A/B visuals, DP, weapons , moving nozzles, 3d pilots and a DVC. Model by Kotaro Akikawa. 3.6MB

Note: As CFS2 has no default Jets - requires Jet sounds available from Sounds or CFS2 Jet pack

FS2000/CFS2 FAP North American F-86F Sabre The F-86F Sabre served with the PoAF from 1958 to 1980, with 65 units. Many PoAF Sabre fought in the Colonial war, with the Fiat G.91, T-6, Allouette II and III. This particular F-86F is currently at the Alverca air museum. features full moving parts including rotating wheels and steerable nose gear. CFS2 files included. Model and panel by: Hayden Scott-Williams (Fang V^V) Repainted by: Joćo Corredeira. 2.3MB



FS2000/CFS2 - Lockheed-Martin SR-71a "BLACKBIRD" SR-71: Features all the usual animation plus: Working 8-STAGE afterburners, braking parachute, and for the first time - contrails are produced at the tips of the wings in HIGH-G pull-up and roll-departures. Real MACH 3.2 stability at 80,000ft. Model, textures by RICHARD BARKER. 3.3MB

Recommended Panel below::::

Panel Lockheed SR-71 supersonic recon aircraft. (Requires ACS-GPS98). By Francisco Moreno. 1.4MB

CFS2 RAFALE Marine (Navy). NOT FOR FS2000! Dassault Rafale Marine, tail number M02, delivered to the French Navy in 2000. Original DP file and weapons pack. True CFS2 air file (including Afterburners) and lots of moving parts. All parts, textures and weapons by Chris ROSENMANN. 929K

updated weapon pack for the Rafale.
Added MU 90 torpedoe and center line drop tank.
New dp and air file included.
Needs Rafale_m.zip. 77K

CFS2 Dassault Rafale Marine update 2, for use with RAFALE_M.ZIP (above) . An updated version that adds a detailed working virtual cockpit including animations and night effects. By Chris Rosenmann. 1.4MB
CFS2 Federal Aircraft Factory C-3605 "Schlepp" The C-3605 is a Turboprop conversion of the C-3603. It has very long nose, and a third tailfin. First flown in 1968. This one is painted as a trainer. K.S.Nermy. 225KB
Northrop YB-49A Version 1.0 The Northrop YB-49 was seen as a giant leap forward in technology. Unfortunately, stability problems prevented the YB-49 from reaching fruition. This "what if" version looks at what could have been if the stability problems could have been fixed. Original aircraft by Paul Clawson. Modified for CFS2 by Chris Coarse. 157K