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Me109Panel. I wasn't satisfied with my Me109 panel, so I redid it in what I think is my last and best variation. For CFS1 & 2 (uses stock guages). Enjoy. by Dan Griffin. 270K

P47Panel. Just an improved version (slightly larger, more to proper scale) of my P47 panel. Maybe it can be used for some of those T-birds for CFS2 that really need a good panel. For both Combat Similators 1 and 2. by Dan Griffin. 313K
Hurri(dg)pan Here ia an improvement to my earlier Hurricane panel mod. Things are more to scale. For CFS1 & 2 by Dan Griffin. 310K

F2a_pan Here is my modification of the f2a Buffalo panel by John Lancaster, whose version incorporates work from Pentti Kurkinen's original. For CFS1 & 2. Use it with the excellent Buffalos they've put together. by Dan Griffin. 500K
*Updated* CFS2 P-38F Lightning panel This is my 2nd version of the P-38F Lightning panel with improved general panel layout, added mouseable engine shut off switches & operating thrust controls with hand. The general arrangement is close to the real thing with the default gauges from CFS2, and was based on a photograph of the real p-38 panel. By Mel Mutter. 264K

CFS2 P-47d Panel A panel for the P47d bubble top ,this panel has a lot of operating parts. I like the open view, and the different sight set up. By Mel Mutter. 315K

CFS2 F8F Bearcat Panel A panel for the BearCat F8F or what ever,this panel has a lot of operating parts. I like the open view, and the different sight set up. By Mel Mutter. 178K
Panel for Northrop P-61 "Black Widow" (CFS2) This is a high-resolution panel created with Photoshop and CfgEdit, based on a (hard to find) original Northrop cockpit photo. Uses CFS2 gauges Kerry Livgren. 245K
CFS2 B-25J panel This panel for the B-25J is due to Bill Williams, who sended me the nice cockpit pix which served as base for this panel. It needs a streong pc. The yokes can be removed by a special switch. It has been tested on the default cfs2 B-25. By: by Michael Vader, PEGASUS AVIATION DESIGN. 2MB