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CFS3 Utilities Page 1

CFS3 Key Commands. This document is in Excel, Word and Notepad formats. I thought this might be a help for everyone in playing CFS 3. Enjoy and if you have any comments or questions please e-mail me. Kevin Ryan. 18K
CFS3 For All Systems! Hints & Tips of how to get CFS3 to run smoothly & effectively on your PC system! By RAAF453_Shep CO. 719K
Beta Theatre Changing Utility for CFS3 (v1.0). This is a trial utility for making it easier to swap between theatres in CFS3, and to keep inappropriate spawns from occuring during missions flown in different theatres. C Burgess, Ground Crew Design Group. 4.3MB
CFS3 Stat Utility: CFS3 Stat Utility Ver 1.3 Track the stats of you and your wingmen when flying a campaign. Find out which of your squadron is a real ace. Includes several bug fixes. Instructions enclosed. By Mellonhead.. 1.1MB