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Helicopters Page 13
FS2000 Alouette III - MARINE (French Navy) This SA 319B-Alouette III is painted in "escadrille 22S" based at Lanvéoc-Poulmic navy. The french navy use the alouette III for SAR missions, training, and transport. Original design (heli and panel) by Wolfgang Kulhanek Sound and New paint by Fabien Prevost. 1.6MB
FS2000 Panel & Sound System For Helicopter Sikorsky CH-53 Sound System by: Manuel Gonzalez Include Air file for Helicopter CH-53 Designed by: Shlomo 'SloMo' Hakim. 5.3MB
FS2000 Boeing-Vertol H-21 Shawnee/ Workhorse. This FSDS-aircraft has a self-painted panel (using the FS gauges), animated rotors, a piston engine sound system, animated front gear, landing light, strobe lights, nav. lights, night textures and contains 3 different liveries (US Air Force, US Army and German Army SAR). Made by Patrick Freitag. 5.8MB
FS2000 Aerospatiale Ecureuil AS-350 RCMP Tail C-FMPG One of 2 AS-350 B3 currently flying for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Both are stationed in British Columbia, Canada. Incredibly detailed and accurate original work by Jean-Pierre Langer, Frans Vranken and Arne Bartels. If you have no interest in the RCMP repaint, but like to fly helicopters, download the 2 original files above anyway and judge for yourself. Repaint September 2001 by Mike Courteau. 1.5MB
FS2000 Bell-412 Policia de Puerto Rico This helicopter Bell-412 in the livery of Puerto Rico Police. Designed by: Brian Whitelegg Repaint,Panel & Sound System by:Manuel Gonzalez. 5MB
FS98/FS2000 Hughes/Schweizer 300C air file New air file for training with the 300C helicopter. Designed for easier handling. Require the ecc-h300.zip archive. The air file is based on the work of Steve M. Baugh. By Benoit M. Dubé . 47K
FS2000 USAF Sikorsky S-72 RSRA helicopter(v1.0) Certainly one of the more exotic-looking rotorcraft yet developed. the S-72 helicopter, used to test various integrated rotor and propulsion systems. After the first flight on 12 October 1976, the S-72 completed the first experimental phase in February 1977. The fuselage was entirely new compared with the other models by Sikorsky. It had traditional, airplane-type swept tail surfaces with a five-blade main rotor and five-blade tail rotor. Model features complete moving parts including AD2000 technics. Animated gears, rotors, fans, and control surfaces. Also transparent cockpit. Built by Mario Noriega for the A.C.T. publishing freeware. Repaint by Bob Bongiovanni. 1.4MB
Sound System for Helicopter COLIBRI EC 120 Sound System by: Manuel Gonzalez. 3.1MB
FS2000 Presidential Marine 1. FS2000 helicopter, panel & sounds. This completely new FS2000 programmed model features fully moving parts night lightning effects of the cockpit, passengers cabin and pilots lights. Repainting of this model is not allowed without my permission. Original construction by Frans Vranken. Repaint by Will Beaudry. 1.7MB
FS2000 VIRTUAL UNITED STATES COAST GUARD MH-90 Enforcer. Designer: Steven Lovass-Nagy This incredible reproduction of the MH-90 Enforcer was the work of Steven Lovass-Nagy. He was eager and willing to design the MH-90 from his MD-902 Helicopter. Everyone at the VUSCG owes Steve a debt of gratitude. 2MB
FS2000 Alouette III SA-316 n°279 Aeronavale -French Navy- Original design (heli and panel) by Wolfgang Kulhanek. Sound by Fabien Prevost. High resolution texture by Y-Raymond. 1.8MB