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FS2000 Air France Boeing 777-200 (ProMaxLT) Features new lighting textures including the engine nacelles and moving parts. Design and paint by: Camil Valiquette. 199K

FS2000 British Airways Boeing 777-200 (ProMaxLT) Features new lighting textures including the engine nacelles and moving parts. Design and paint by: Camil Valiquette. 179K
FS2000 Boeing 767-328ER Sobelair (ProMaxLT2001) WITH NIGHT ILLUMATION! Same features as the ProMax2000 (maximum moving parts) Plus a new 3D engine with rotating fan blades and vapor trails. Design and paint by: Camil Valiquette Repaint by: Vital Vanbeginne. 401K

A rare aircraft for FS98/2000 the Dassault Mercure in the colours of its sole operater Air Inter. This often forgotten aircraft served with Air Inter untill 1995 and these are the last colours it was to wear. A french answer to the 737 a great aircraft but hampered by poor range, Air Inter were the only customers. Original afx by Eric Johnson, Colour scheme and moving parts by Tony Madge. 100K



FS2000 Condor Airbus A320-211 This aircraft features fully moving/animated landing gear, moving fan blades, 3D engines, moving flaps, elevators, ailerons, air brakes and realistic nightlighting. FS2k ONLY! Model by Andrew Richards, night lighting by Christoph Klose ,paint by Helge Bast. 500K

FS98/FS2000 B747-400 QANTAS. REAL ROUND BODY.Moving parts:landing gear, high speed aileron,spoilers and flaps. Flaps are made each one of three sections as in real life and slide backward (not only rotate).You can see the movement from inside the airplane too!!. Night lights effects By Sandro Bernardini. Formula 1 Design painted by Rolf Schnellbacher. 154K
FS98/FS2000 USAF E-4B The fourth E-4 was built as the E-4B with a many enhancements over the E-4A. 50125 was delivered on April, 4 1975. FDE by Alessandro Dallago. Model by Bill Alderson. Paint by Chris Shelly. 114K

FS2000 Phoenix Fanjet single-engine private jet by Alberta Aerospace. Created with FSDS by ABACUS, with 16-sided structures, BMP textures, moving gear and control surfaces. Custom panel and FSC file included. FS2000 Pro Edition required. By Chuck Dome. 414K
FS98/FS2000 Northwest Boeing 747-451. Registration: N669US One of several Northwest big Jumbos. Features full moving parts: Rotating Engine Fan, Moving Landing Gear, Flaps, Ailerons, Spoilers, and Rudder. Also Transparent Cockpit Window, 3D Wheel & Textures, Auto Land, Smoke System, Landing Lights, 3D Body Parts. Detailed textures including new fuselage lines, windows and wheels. Original aircarft design by Bill Alderson. Modifications and moving parts by Aziz R. Palas (Version 2) Textures by Daniel Gazzano. 132K
FS98/FS2000 Boeing 737-300. G-IGOM. Rob Corp repaint of Kim Simmelink original. Go is the low-cost subsidary of British Airways, based at London's Stansted Airport. 73K