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Civil Jets Page 36
Fs2000 Mandarin Airlines 747-400 Mardarin Airlnes which is based in Taiwan operate 747-400 amd MD-11 for its international airlines. Features new lighting textures including 16 million colors. Model also has moving gear, Flaps. This plane is only for FS2000. Original AF99 by Bill Alderson. Mods by: Erik Ellis Repaint by: Jung-Yu Li. 550K

FS2000 B747-400 NORTHWEST AIRLINES Aircraft has full night lights. Painted by GERAIN Rémy. Original AF99 by Bill Alderson. Mods by Erik Ellis. 406K

FS2000 Airbus Industrie Airbus A3XX (New Livery) Airbus A3XX-200 house colors. Superb model with rounded engines, night lighting & very high quality textures. The best 3XX made yet. By OMC'99. 531K.(Revised flight handling file. Patrick Saint-Dizier. 6K).
Flight dynamics (.air file) for the FS2000 Airbus A3XX. Gives good smooth flight handling..Patrick Saint-Dizier. 6K

Repaint of the default FS2000 737-400 in the TAP colors. Very detailed repaint. By Bruno Rodrigues. 59K

FS98/FS2000 British Airways B777-200 "Waves of the City" Registeration G-VIIA VERSION #2.Round fuselage and engines made of a 32 SIDE CIRCLE.It features "3D ENGINES",3Dailerons,3d flaps,3d textured landing gear.Moving parts:landing gear, "STEERABLE NOSE LANDING GEAR", rotating fan,spoilers,flaps,ailerons.Wing design highly detailed and motion as in real life!.Working landing lights.Added more lights. Realistic to fly. By Sandro Bernardini. Livery by Ali Mujtaba , reworked flight dynamics by Roy Hahmann. 121K

FS2000 Skyservice Airbus A330-300 (ProMaxLT) Features new night lighting textures for the fuselage and tail with exclusive lighthen engine nacelles. Full moving parts including 3D engines with moving fans. Design and paint by: Camil Valiquette. 193K
FS2000 B747-400 AIR FRANCE Aircraft has full night lights. By GERAIN Rémy. Original AF99 by Bill Alderson. Mods by Erik Ellis 2000 AF repaint by GERAIN Rémy. 346K

American Airlines. Boeing 747-280B. Features moving parts and night light effects. For FS2000 only. Original by Bill Alderson, repainted by GERAIN Rémy. 278K
FS 2000 only AMERICAN AIRLINES 737-200. This is a repaint of the Ryanair 737-200adv by Elias Paraskevopoulos and Vangelis Hassiotis. Features moving parts, night textures etc. REPAINT JOB By GERAIN Rémy. 559K

American Star Airlines Boeing 737-500 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 This is American Star Airlines Third FS2000 only aircraft. It was built from the ground up in FSDesign Studio. The aircraft consists of Night lit textures, Moving Fans, Rudder, Ailerons, Flaps, Steerable Nose gear, Speed brakes and Moving gear w/doors. Model/Paint by Cas Stephens FS2000 FDE by Cas Stephens. 319K