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Paper Airplane (For FS2000) - By Pedro Huitema. This is probably the first paper airplane for FS2000. 23K

Farscape One Space Craft Able to reach Mach 3.5 in a Vertical climb and altitudes of over 4 million feet in FS2k By H_Snake...956K
FS2002/FS2000/CFS2 Gerry Anderson's Supercar. A craft from the 1960s TV show which can travel over land, in the air or under the sea. Supercar design by Reg Hill. FS model by Austin Tate. Flight dynamics by Shane Pickering. Black Rock scenery and dynamic objects by Iain Murray and Austin Tate. 1.1MB

FS2000 Video of Shuttle gliding to Runway at the NASA space center in Florida. Requires you have a shuttle model in your sim. If not use a normal aircraft and ensure engines are switched off for wind. Terry Poppy. 51K
SSSR-V1 non-rigid airship, for MSFS2000. By Alexander Belov . Non-rigid airship, first flown in 1932. The most successful airship type developed in Soviet Union prior the Second World war. During The Second World war SSSR-V1 was used for carrying supplies for captive baloon units of Red Army, making more than 900 flights. Fully animated model featured detailed engines and cart interior. 959K
SB2.3 UPS Virtual Air Cargo CSL Addon File. This file allows anyone who downloads it to be and see UPS VAC aircraft on Squawk Box 2.3 and above. Squawk Box 2.3 or above and MSFS2000 or above recommmended. Adam Reynolds. 86K
United States Coast Guard HUMMER 4WD (Vehicle) Drive this truck in Flight Sim! Don't fly! Yes, Drive! Vehicle Hummer 4WD in the US Coast Guard paint (Fictional). 32K
FS20000 Golden Wings 2000 Project Screenshot Package. The Golden Wings 2000 Project is an on-going group effort to create a freeware golden age environment in which to fly those great old vintage aircraft but still staying within the FS2000 framework. This package illustrates our progress to date! GW2 works within Fs2000 and does not require a separate installation. With two button clicks you can be flying back in the 1930's and listening to the wind in the wires! Click again and you're back in 2001 ready to fly your modern planes! See enclosed details if you love flying the old birds! Jack Hill, Gary Milera and Bill Lyons. 1MB
checklist suitable for a Cessna 172 or 152. Installation: Just simply drop into any of your aircraft files in which you would like this check list. Make shure that there are no other checklist files in there. Curtis Driedger. 2K
Photorealistic brazilian public transport bus. A repaint of Chistian Friederich's bus by Israel Dias. With panel. For FS2000 only. 372K