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FS2000/Fs98/CFS Panel for Lockheed U-2R High altitude reconnaissance & weather research plane. Features: Photorealistic panel, based on original cockpit and instrument pictures. Perspective-distorted and shaded gauges New air-file to convert the aircraft more realistic and more enjoyable to fly. By Peter Pellionis (FSFS aircraft included.) 1.1MB
FS2000 Mooney M20M Bravo Panel Instrument panel for the Mooney Bravo By Rob Clark and Michael Verlin Incorporates Alain Capt's ACS-GPS98. 395K
Generic Turbo prop panel with no windows to select but GPS. Good views a little larger instruments where possible. This panel will work in FS98 aircraft in FS2000 but not all the engine gauges will function. Enjoy. Dave Armour. 141K

FS2000 Generic Twin Panel. This panel was made with the intent to let the user actually read the gauges and use them. It is a generic panel for almost any FS2000 twin. Dave Armour. 888K

737-700 Glass Panel for FS2K only. Default FS2K gauges. Works best in full screen mode any resolution. Pedestal panel with radio, GPS and pushback gauges. FPDA pushback zip included. By Brian Novick. 266K

FS2000 panel - USAF F-16 Falcon Fighter. Based on photos of the F-16 cockpit. Designed in 1024x768 mode. Features include mostly FS2000 gauges with 'pink' night lighting. Green and Red HUD gauges, working MFDs, parking brake and STALL warning lights, and Panel switches. Links to the FS2000 GPS. By Paul Schwerdtfeger. 721K

B747-400"JUMBO"Realistic Panel for FS2000 Panel a very accurate B747 instrument panel. Which includes realistic instruments, bitmap True Color 1024x768 Conrol Pedestal,Overhead Panel,GPS... by Nikolay Poriazov. 2.8MB

Boeing 747-200 panel for FS2000 This is a generalised configuration for the 200 series 747 with all necessary gauges for flight management and navigation. Four selectable windows display extra functions not on the main console and all gauges have night lighting applied. Requires 1024x768 resolution and ACSGPS files. By Vanessa Leightower. 2.7MB

FS2000 Main Panel Update for: Piper Supercub 180 Wilderness Outfitter Versions This replacement panel includes changed main panel perspective, completely reworked gauges, knobs and panel layout. gauges now show simulated reflection. by R. Ackerley. 906K
DHC8-311 Deluxe Panel for FS2000 This panel uses the FS2000 GPS Includes an FS2000 based performance "air" file by John J Schumacher. 532K