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Panels Page 19

FS2000 rework of the FS98 727 panel done by Dale Oubridge with altered bitmap and different gauge set. This panel includes the view from the jumpseat as Shift+1. Also included a view of the left-seat bit-map (fwd left) and a view of cabin window(fwd right) along with GPS. Freeware - Jim Waters. 1.6MB

FS2000 Boeing 737-683 Panel. Uses mostly FS 2000 standard gauges, but a few other gauges too. BY: Christian Johansson and bitmap by Paul Lemaire. 2.3MB

FS2000 panel: F-16A Falcon VFR fun panel for the Falcon. Includes Chuck Dome's moving hand gauges and a few other readouts to aid landings. By Vanessa Leightower.. 415K

Lockheed 188 Panel FS98/2000. Panel by Kevin Trinkle. Fully recreated version of my previous panel. Also suitable for P-3 Orion aircraft. 2.5MB
1970'S BOEING 727-200 PANEL, VERSION 3 The Fantastic 727 panel of Richard Probst and Chris Arrington , reworked with the forgotten "fire cut" gauges" By Francisco Moreno. 1.2MB
SR71 Panel The Fantastic SR71 Panel of Peter Pellionis, reworked completely By Francisco Moreno. 1.5MB
B747-400 RealCRT Deluxe Panel for FS2000 ver 1b series 2 (ALERT..NOT FREEWARE - REQUIRES SHAREWARE CRT GAUGE!!)This version features internal views and sounds, overhead panel, pushback, fuel calculater, MFD's, Altitude Callouts, Seatbelt/No Smoking signs, and the FS2kGPS. Optional configuration to include GPS98-ver3 or a GPS of your choice. This panel should be used with the SE-B747-400 ver 3 dynamics "air" file included. Previous versions had over 15,000 downloads. by John J Schumacher. 3.7MB

A320 panel for FS2000. This is version 2000 (or 2.0) of my FS98 panel. It is a FS2k updated and fixed version with several additional features and FS2k functions. By Andreas Jaros - Freeware Panel Designer Association (FPDA). 4.7MB
This is a panel for the Fairchild Metro III, but it will work for any twin turbo prop. It uses all default gauges. The bitmap was created from a David Durst original, but has been totally reworked and colored to give a more real appearance. Most every thing is in the proper place with a few modifications to help everything fit into the frame. By Fred Choate. 137K

FSC - 4 engines turborpop panel and gauges - By Francisco Sanchez-Castaner A panel inspired in the De Haviland Dash 7, suitable for this or any other 4 engine turboprop with max propeller rpm at about 1200 rpm. Requires: FS2000 Pro version, c2000_ap.zip, yg-7500.zip, mrad2ke.zip. Only for true fs2k turboprops, will not work in aircrafts based on jet flight model. 1MB