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Panels Page 39
FS2000 Boeing 747-400 V3! I have add and chanced lot of new things in this version! This version has everything you want. From Cabin sign's, internal views and real working wipers to GPS. This panel has also got some new gauges in this version, and a new high improved bitmap! This panel is also fully compatible with: GPWS 98/2000, airbus warning sounds, Airport 2000 V1 and V2, Flightdeck 2000 and Start up 98. Configured by Frank Elfert. 4MB
FS2000 737-400 wing view. By Frank Elfert. 830K

FS2000pro PT-17 cockpit This is a slightly modified version of the Pt-17 panel for cfs2 I have already published.You have a switch on the panel that allows you to choose between a more classic, simplier pilots panel or a more modern equiped panel. Explanation pictures and text is joined to allow you nice flights and happy landings By: Michael Vader PEGASUS AVIATION DESIGN. 2.6MB

FS2000 Two Engine Jet or Turboprop Panel. Modification of Brendan J. Dempseys' excellent Saab 2000 Panel for higher visability. Some freeware gauges with mainly default gauges. Designed in 1024x768 resolution. By Tony DeBlasio. 671K

FS2000 Boeing 737-400 panel V2. This panel has got all the standard things, like GPS and radiostuck. This panel has also the folow thing: Throttle/pushback/radio stuck window and a removable flightyoke and a real 737 throttle. And 2 new wingviews (I have maked this picture 3 years ago at a holiday to Kreta). This panel is fully compatible with: GPWS 98/2000, VCP 2000, start-up 98 and Airbus Warning sounds. Configured by Frank Elfert. 3.7MB

FS2000 Cessna 208 photoreal panel (can also be used for other cessna's!). This panel has got all the standard things, like GPS and radiostuck. This panel is tested for more than 10 hours without any problems! This was panel one of 10 new photoreal panels from me! Check my website for more information! By Frank Elfert. 2.6MB

GenJet.zip Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 Generic Jet Panel FS2000 Generic Jet Panel.For Any Small Business Jet Aircrafts. This Panel Has GPS,Radio Stack,Autopilot,Throttles,Starter,Compass,Anunciator,Stall Overspeed & Brake Lights All Intergrated On The Panel....... David Burgin. 1MB

FS2000 Fokker F27 panel, the original panel was designed by Matthias Lieberecht. This panel now has got, many new gauges (fs2000 gauges), and fully working wipers, Gps, radiostuck, AP window, removeable flightyoke and support for: GPWS 98/2000, VCP 2000, Start-up 98, airbus warning sounds en Airport 2000 V1 and V2. Reconfigured by Frank Elfert. 2.3MB
FS2000 Cessna 172 (skyhawk) panel, as real as you can get! With all the internal views! This panel is frame rate friendly too! This panel comes with all the usual things, like: Radiostuck, compass, AP and GPS. This panel is based at real pictures. It also is fully compatible with: GPWS 98/2000, Airbus warning sounds, Airport 2000 V1 and V2, Flightdeck 2000 and Start up 98. Of course you can also find a new winampskin from a cessna 172. by Frank Elfert. 2MB
FS-2000 panel for the Dc-9. Of course it has all the things that you can expect for a Fs-2000 panel, such as a GPS. Ive made the panel with CFG-edit. bye Floris Meinster. 1.7MB