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FS2000 Extra 300 "Halcones" aerobatic team The Halcones Aerobatic Team use 5 airplanes for the show and 2 for reservation on the ground. Built in Germany by Walter Extra.The Extra 300 is powered by the 300 Hp Lycoming AEIO 540-L1B5 engine, giving it the ability to fly from hovering speeds to a fast stage-transiting speed of 250 mph (400+ kilometers per hour). A maximum roll rate in excess of 340 degrees per second, coupled with a body-crunching +/- 10 "G" Load Factor and 3200 feet per minute climb rate make the German-built Extra 300 the right aircraft to promote flight safety and the thrill of aviation. Includes full moving parts, virtual cockpit and an instrument panel. Aircraft designed by Mikko Maliniemi. Panel and Repaint by Claudio Rojas. FS 2002 upgrade and smoke effect by Rolf Fleckenstein. 475K.
FS2000-2002 Central Airlines Convair 240 Central Airlines Convair 240, registration N74855.- Includes moving flaps, gear, and steerable nosewheel. Painted by David Grogg. Aircraft by K.Waugh, Tom Gibson and Dave McQueen. Flight dynamics by Mike Vidal. 2.4MB

FS2000 Antonov An-2 Colt. This is an An-2 from Interflug (Registration:DDR-SKY). This Package includes aircraft, panel and gauges. Orginal model by Paul Clawson, Panel by Matthias Lieberecht, Repainted by Sascha Wuestemann. 1.7MB

Update - here is a small updated panel.cfg enabling NAV1-ILS-Approaches

FS2000/CFS2 Hummel Bird Ultralight Ultralight for FS2000/CFS2, includes: animated parts, Pilot's head moves left and right with rudder, accurate FDE's, aluminum texutres, foto-real panel, static panel can be seen from spot plane view, detailed engine, FS2K style propdisk, Panel uses default gauges, CFS2 custom DP, stick moves left and right with elevators by Felipe Belalcazar. 929K
Fs2000/2002 PZL-101 Gawron Texture: Aeroklub Lubelski SP-CKK texture repaint Gawron HA-SBF. Autor: Pawel Kliczka. 927K
FS2000 & FS2002 FAIRCHILD PT-19 of the Brazilian Air Force. FAIRCHILD PT-19 of the Brazilian Air Force. Model and Texture: Daniel da Silva and Denis da Silva. Thansk to Jacy Rocha Dias. 1.5MB
FS2000 & FS2002 FAIRCHILD PT-19 Brasilian Navy. FAIRCHILD PT-19 of Navy of the Brasil. Model and Texture: Daniel da Silva and Denis da Silva. Thanks to: Jacy Rocha Dias. 1.3MB
FS2000/2002 KTHY Cyprus Turkish Airlines HS 748 TC-MZA Turkish Airlines Series. Repaint of Muhammad Chariri 's Hawker Siddley 748 in KTHY Virtual Airlines (www.kthy.org) colors Aircraft features; 16 side polygon fuselage and engines, 3D landing gear and moving gear doors, 3D moving ailerons, spoilers, elevators, rudder Repainted by Abdurrahman Gundogmus. 1.1MB
FS2002 Hawker Siddeley HS.748 Dan-Air London, registration G-ASZU, was used at the end of the eighties. Features full animated parts. Design & textures by Muhammad Chariri, repainted by Alf Werner. 1.9MB
FS2000 FS2002 Embraer EMB-110 FAB C-95. Assigned C-95 is a version nicknamed "armchair" by the soldiers from the FAB. Texture & model: Denis da Silva e Daniel da Silva. 1.2MB
FS2000 & CFS 2 Aviat Pitts S-2C US ARMY It's the king of quick combat!!!Bye bye "B", wellcome S-2C! This FSDS design includes full moving parts, virtual cockpit with transparent canopy as well as a instrument panel. Mission included.Armed with guns 7,62mm. Designed by Mikko Maliniemi. Repainted by Jean-Jacques Parel. 480K