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Navigation & Flying Utilities page 2
Super Flight Planner 2.8.0 Full Package. Advanced freeware Flight Planner, Moving Map, Scenery Viewer and Adventure Maker for FS95-FS98-FS2000-FS2002. Can create adventures using its own engine or, if you have it, for Radar Contact. Can export and import data to/from a lot of GPS's, Moving Maps and so on. By Alessandro Antonini, "theflyguy". 6MB.
FS2000 Super Flight Planner Utility Database. With this database you can use your FS2000 areaman engine to find and read the bgl files in FS2000 to load adventures into Super Flight Planner. By Mike Hall. 414K
Fs 2000 utility file - Database for Super Flight Planner New world database with all FS2000 airports. Enhancement to Mike Hall's previous version. Allows you to take off from each FS2000 airport. by Andreas Feilner. 1MB
Wetter v 2.4. Easy to install random weather generator. File size 1619422. Also Requires VB runtime file VB40032 (378k)
Smeghead's Visual Landing System Version 2.0 Used for Visual Approach Training and assists with frame rates in dense scenery. Works with FS98/FS2000 and is 3dfx compatible. By Jason Durbin. File size 24k
Logbook Editor 1.7W A Logbook Editor for all Flightsims. For all VPilots willing to have a detailed Logbook. Very simple to use, good features: save, view, print your comments. measure your inflight time and launch your fsim directly. Multiple language support: IN ENGLISH,FRENCH & GERMAN. File size 141974


EasyNavs 2000 navaids editor for FS2K/FS9x Version 2.00 Extract and edit ILS,VOR,NDB data from BGLs Compile navaids databases to stand-alone BGLs New version improving program interface and configuration Requires VB4-32 runtime files Freeware by Hervé Sors. 82K


Autoland 2000 is a simple adventure utility for FS2000/FS98 that will add autoland ability to virtually any third party aircraft, when using the autopilot's ILS "approach" mode feature. Autoland is being distributed as freeware. John Cillis 4K


CANNAV.ZIP This file includes 96 of the Canadian NDBs which do not appear in FS2000. The Flight Planner and GPS will NOT be updated. Henry J Garbacz . 7K


Excel Flight Log - Internationl Version A very simple freeware logbook that is perfect for flight simulation. All you need is Excel. In this version you can input hours and minutes, the standard for log books for ICAO. By: CJ Starr. 193K