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Helicopters Page 29
FS2002 CH53W Sea Stallion CH53 German Army. Original design by Shlomo 'Slo Mo' Hakim Repaint by Joachim Lingscheid. 1.2MB
FS2002 Bell / Fuji UH-J Huey Utility Helicopter JGSDF Japan Ground Self-Defense Force. Fully animated main and tail rotors, lights, etc. Transparent windows Virtual cockpit. By 'blackhawk'. 823K
FS2002 Eurocopter Tiger PAH-2. The Eurocopter Tiger PAH-2 is new generation helicopter, which will be used by the German Bundeswehr. Created with FSDS Pro for the FS2002 and completly animated with the SDL-Editor and Aircraft Animator. FSDS-Modell: Sebastian Zabel, Jens Winkler Panel: Jim Waters Texturs: Daniel Imhof, Jens Winkler Flightdynamics: Sebastian Heck Animations: Jens Winkler. 3.7MB
FS2002 GMAX-ALOUETTE Heli-TV HB-XJK, Hungary (Reflective textures),by ZOLTÁN BATKI Original GMax Model by Alan Devins. 2.9MB
FS2002 GMAX-ALOUETTE III Royal Netherlands Airforce. Alouette (Reflective textures),by ZOLTÁN BATKI Original Model by Alan Devins. 2.9MB
FS2002 Hungarian Medical Rescue team AS350 "Squirrel. Original by Frans Vraken. Repainted by Jandó Tamás. 6.5MB
FS2002 Bölkow 105, Rega 1 (Golf-Yankee) This helicopter operated as "Babyheli" in the 90's, based at the Childrens hospital Zurich. Callsign was "Rega Golf Yankee" (HB-XGY), today still as Rega 1. Panel by Peter Salzgeber, SHDG. Allison startup (consult sound readme!). Repaint by Pascal Küffer, SWISS HELICOPTER DESIGN GROUP. 4.3MB
FS2002 Panel update for G-max Alouette 3 (previous page)to combinate the Virtualcockpit with the panel for Aerospatiale SA316B Alouette III Sécurité Civile V2.0 Feautures a fotorealistic Virtualcockpit and a panel.cfg to combinate with the fotorealistic panel for Aerospatiale SA316B Alouette III Sécurité Civile V2.0 typing the "W"-key. You must have Aloupn20.zip or higher and Gmax_Alouette_III.zip. By Peter Salzgeber, SWISS HELICOPTER DESIGN GROUP. 451K

FS2002 Teletica Hughes 500D. An Excellent Repaint of Bjorn Buchner's Hughes 500D. This Livery is Based on the Hughes 500D of Teletica, The Best News Channel in Costa Rica. Includes Default Panel and Sounds and Teletica Textures. Modified Aircraft.cfg. Original Model by: Björn Büchner. Teletica Repaint: by Tomás Cubero Maingot. 1.1MB

Update: Modified Texture File (500D_T.bmp) and a Modified Aircraft.cfg. 822K

FS2002 MIL Mi-24D "Hind D". This helicopter was engaged in a lot of ground attack missions as a symbol of the Afghanistan intervention of old Soviet Union. It is now one of the eminent assault gunship helicopters also in the world. Please do storage and the development of the Landing Gear with the simulation paused by using "P"- key. Mr. Jiri Masnik's Mi-24 Panel is bundled to this file. by Kazunori Ito. 1.8MB