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Civil Jets Page 10
Repaint textures of FS2002 default Boeing 747_300 in Delta Airlines Colors. It is not an exact replica of the real paint. My contact info: James Daniels. 1MB
FS2002 Canadian Forces CC-144 Challenger. Based in Ottawa but belonging to 8 Wing, Trenton, Ont., Canada. The Challenger-equipped 412 Squadron provides high government officials and foreign dignitaries with air transportation worldwide. This CL601 is in white paint & equiped with GE Fan Jets. Design : Barry Blaisdell Premier Aircraft Design. 237K

FS2002 Aircraft and Panel: DC-9-32 INTER Regional of Mozambique DC-9-32 registration C9-TEA. The aircraft features 32-sided fuselage with photo-realistic textures. Full moving parts and night lighting effects . Metallic Colours. Fotoreal classic DC9-32 panel. Original By Apichart Owcharoenporn Repaint By Mario Coelho. 2.1MB
B727-200 "BR" for FS-2002/2000 by REPA Estudios (Antonio Reyes P.) FS2002 BR BOEING 727-200 ADVANCED David Randolph who generously gave his permission to use his American 727-200 Advanced model for this project. 1.3MB

FS2002 Repaint of the default 777 in the coulors of Saudi Arabia's national airline Saudia. By Matt Watkins. 904K

FS2002 - Aircraft BB2Jets (Boeing Business 2 jets) in colours of Africa-Mozambique "Tropico Capricorneo 2002" Full moving parts, day and night textures. Metallic Colours. (Weight and Balance Adjustment for FS2002 and PRO). Upgrade "E2J" panel include. Default sounds. Original by Christian Schweilk and paint by Mario Coelho. 2.1MB
FS2002 B737 GERMANIA replacement textures. `Paint by Stefan Reich. 1MB
Aerocaribe McDonell Douglas DC-9-32*** for FS2002/00 by REPA Estudios (Antonio Reyes P) Aerocaribe you find July 14 1975 in Mérida Yucatán, In August of 1999, begin the substitution of their McDonell Douglas DC-9-15 for DC-9-32 to which I modify them their interiors so that they had a capacity of 115 seats. I model 100% photo-realistic, Dynamic of flight of the Cap. Luis Alberto Meza Sánchez. 649K

FS2000/2 Five Star Airbus 319-112 Ready for repaint from va's or painter's. Aircraft by: IADG Textures: Five Star. 910K

FS2002 Lockheed L1011 LAM This is a Lockheed L1011 in the in colours of Linhas Aereas Mozambique - Africa Photorealistic textures and metallic colours based on real aircraft have been used. The model features all moveable control surfaces and landing gear. Night lighting. Own fotorealistic classic panel with inside views. Default sound. Original by: Kenvin Trinkle and (FFG). Panel and Repaint by Mario Coelho. 3.3MB