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Civil Jets Page 18

FS 2002 LAM 737-200 "Limpopo" REG: CS-GAD Africa - Mozambique - Linhas Aereas de Mozambique NEW Aircraft adquired by LAM in January 2002 Full moving parts with almost recent ATC, x-effects, Lights and transp. cockpit. Remodelated day and night metallic textures. Stereo sound. Original: Elias Paraskevopoulos and Vangelis Hassiotis. Weight and Balance optimized, Photoreal Panel with interior views and Paint By Mario Coelho. 6.6MB
FS2002 default B777-300 repaint - textures only. This is a default repaint of the livery Landmark, and has been made into a more 'jazzy' paint scheme. I have made sure it still has its original detail. Author: Morgan Dainow. 656K
FS2002 737 textures for F.L.Y paintscheme. Repainted by Stefan van Hierden. 1.6MB

FS2002 Aircraft- Boeing 757-200 LTS. This beautiful 757 features: realistic textures and light effects, fully 3-D with sun reflections, Realistically textured wheels and engines, rotating engine fans, transparent cockpit, superb flight dynamics, fully accurate visual model (airframe), RB-211 engines with accurate thrust, and wing leveler turned off. Textures hand painted with reference to POSKY originals. Original airframe, powerplants, and flight dynamics by the Project Freeware Group. FS2002 flight dynamics by Brandon Williams. Repaint by Ulrich Ferner. 559K

FS2002 Lockheed Martin JetStar II. INTER Mozambique An FSDS aircraft with 1024x1024 textures, full moving parts, rolling wheels, a dynamic virtual cockpit, a custom panel and custom gauges. Texturized in metallic coulours with full night effects. Designer: Chuck Dome and Paint by Mario Coelho. 1.4MB

Update : FS02 Lockheed Martin JetStar II. INTER Mozambique (UPgrade for "intjstar.zip" onclick="NewWindow(this.href,'name','730','400','yes');return false">) Upgrade texturized night light effects with new model. 225K

FS2002 fictional textures 737-400 Texture For fs 2002 The Royal Crown Fake Texture that gives the royality expression (for those massocistic enough to want to have this ;), Just place the bmp file in any textures files for the 737-400 . Created By : Jhon Edward Temis 592 kb
Atlantic Sun Airways Boeing 727-200 Adv. for FS2000/2 that is complete with panel. Full moving parts and a touched up sound system. (Modified to sound like three turbofans that are a good distance away.) Checklist included, but most important of all: Includes never-before-seen gauges that were SHAREWARE but are now FREEWARE. : 8.7MB

FS2002 Boeing 777-300 ( Texture ) Boeing 777-300 Texture, FS 2002 Like Orange ? Hopefully yes !! the most fictional texture i have ever saw ... and designed, ORANGE ORPHANGE , Sounds Weird, well its some how stylish, and new lookin, 568 kb Designed By : Jhon Edward Temis. 562K
FS2002 House colors BOEING 737-400 (Boeing Color Sheme) 1.0 This is my Repaint of the Boeing 737-400 for the Microsoft Flightsimulator 2002. It's in the Colors of Boeing, Seattle. Texture by Stefan Hoffmann. 1.3MB
FS2002 Bombardier CRJ-200 ER 50 Passenger Regional jet. Air Dolomiti Reg ID: I-ADJA With Full Moving Parts and Night Lighting Design & Artwork: Barry Blaisdell Livery & Night textures: Bob May Premier Aircraft Design. 587K