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Civil Jets Page 36
Boeing 717-200 Dominicana livery, with night effects for fs2000/2002 It includes moving landing gear, flaps, ailerons, rudder, elevator and spoilers; and smoke system This is my first repaint and I made it in the colors of the ex-Dominicana de Aviación (Dominicana Airlines), placed in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in the modern airport of Las Américas. The Airline went to the bankrupt in 1994, and some of their aircrafts are in the Las Américas Intl airport. Thanks to Eric Johnson for the original design Repainted by Edward Santos. 126K
Delta Express Boeing 737-200. Designed by David Segovia. Repainted By: Justin Sinclair. 1.7MB

Gulfstream V. SILVER GOLD FULL PACKAGE INTER - MOZAMBIQUE Metallic Collours with 32 sided fuselage and engine cowling, Transparent cockpit window, 3D engine intakes with rotating fans, moving ailerons, flaps, rudder, spoilers, retracting gear, steerable moving nose wheel. Full set of night textures, Newly reworked strobes and landing lights. Smoke effect by Gola Francesco. Water effect by Bob Tremblay. Ref. & Check manual by Barry Blaisdell Original model and textures by OMC'99. Air file revision by Roy Hahmann. Sounds by Aaron R. Swindle-Skysong Soundworks Compiled and revised by Jeridan Light. Full cockpit views, Panel and Repaint by Mario Coelho. 10.3MB

Boeing 737-200 Mey-Air This is a repainted version of a Boeing 737-200. Works in flighsim 2002. Designed by Terry Gaff. Sound by Daniel R. Careri Repainted by Roy Danielsen. 17MB
FS2002 Swissair A319-112 (Rümlang) Features fully moving parts. (Gears and doors, rotating engine fans, rudder, slats, flaps, elevator & ailerons). Panel included by: Marco Spada This is the first ever A319 to be delivered. It was delivered to Swissair on 25th April 1996. Registration: HB-IPV Aircraft by: IADG Textures: Swissair Painted by: Ali Abou-Zeid. 1.1MB
Qantas Formula One 747 VH-OJC "City of Melbourne". Repaint of default 747 as Formula One. By Mike Hill. 1.1MB
Qantas Nalanji Dreaming 747 VH-EBU. Repaint of default 747 as Nalanji Dreaming. To mark its 75th Anniversary in November 1995, Qantas unveiled the "Nalanji Dreaming" Boeing 747 - 300 (painted here as a 400 series) VH-EBU painted in a special green, blue and yellow scheme, reflecting Australia's tropical rainforests. "Nalanji Dreaming" was created by the internationally renowned Australian design studio Balarinji. See "Wunala Dreaming", and "Yananyi Dreaming", also repainted by Mike Hill. 1MB

Airbus A320-211 Registration G-BUSG British Airways 'Sterntaler' Tailfin Livery This is a very accurate recreation of the real aircraft in the 'Bauhaus - Sterntaler' livery. G-BUSG, S/No 039 was delivered in May 1989 and is one of BA's oldest Airbuses. These older aircraft came to BA from an order placed by British Caledonian which was absorbed by BA in 1988. BA is still operating the 6th A320 off the assembly line, G-BUSB. The model was created by Mike Stone and includes features such as full animation, variable reflective textures, night lighting and lights that can be seen from the cockpit. Thanks to Mike for allowing me to paint and upload his model. Roger Mole. 905K

Update of the FDE (air file - flight handling) for Mike Stone's beautiful Airbus A320. 9K

FS2000/FS2002 - Hughes AirWest DC-9-32. Original model of M. Vanscoit for FS2k - features: STATIC-only virtual flight deck, actuating control surfaces, animated landing gear and turbines. Repaint and adapt for FS2002 by Jim Waters. 692K
FS2002 FedEx Embraer 170. An FSDS aircraft with moving parts, including rolling wheels and working spoilers. Also includes a custom panel, custom gauges and a dynamic virtual cockpit. By Chuck Dome. 617K