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Civil Jets Page 64
MelJet Boeing 777-300 Paint Kit - Rolls Royce Powered. Unpainted white Boeing 777-300 for FS2002 Version 1.0. This rendition of the 777 has been completely built from scratch in GMax for FS2002 and features a 32-sided fuselage and engines; brand new "maintenance mode" featuring opening engine cases, deployable Ram Air Turbine, opening gear bay doors on ground, opening Captain's window; virtual cabin (Business Class); Folding Wings; Flexing Wings; dynamic wingviews; animated reversers with animated fan air blocker doors; see through engines; animated landing gear with fully modeled struts and hydraulic pistons, also featuring animated flexible gear hoses; animated flaps, slats, ailerons, elevators, and spoilers with animated hydraulic pistons; advanced logic nosegear and maingear steering; animated primary and secondary rudder; dynamic shine and reflective surfaces; 3D APU; 3D gear, flap, slat bays; seamless wing-root fairing; dimensioned to high accuracy; accurate flight dynamics; extremely detailed all round. By Melvin Rafi. 10MB
MelJet Boeing 777-300 Paint Kit - PW. As above but with P&W Engines. 10MB
MelJet Boeing 777-300 Paint Kit - GE. As above but with GE Engines. 10MB

FS2002 Ryanair Boeing 737-200 package. GMAX aircraft Boeing 737-200 in Ryanair livery. Realistic panel included. Credits GMAX Model: David Segovia. (YeoDesigns) Panel: Helio Estrela. Textures: Claudio Dobre. 7.8MB
FS2002 Ansett Australia Cargo 747-400F A repaint of the Meljet 747-400 Freighter in Ansett Australia Cargo livery. This aircraft specially painted for the new Ansett Air Freight Virtual Airline. 2.2meg By Andrew Banner. 2.3MB
FS2002 Playboy DC-9 This is the Playboy McDonnell Douglas DC9 from the 1970's. This aircraft features full moving parts including control surfaces, engines, spoilers, flaps etc. The aircraft works with the ATC in FS2002.Original : Mauricio Vanscoit. Repaint by Joel Nunez. 760K

MelJet Boeing 777-200ER North American Pack Contains United Airlines and Delta Airlines NNC. Features all new config file and air file optimized for proper weight and balance. Works best with PSS-777 airfile, but works as well with new Meljet airfile. Please take a few minutes to look thru the notes contained withing the aircraft config file on the various sections. Paint by Mike Baumann (United, Delta and select components of American) Paint by Daniel Pimentel (Continental and American). Original Aircraft my Melvin Rafi. 6.8MB
FS2002 MelJet Boeing 777-300 Fictional Air Smile livery. Fictional repaint of 777-300 made by MelJet (Melvin Rafi) www.meljet.com Also including a custom panel. Repainted by Rodrigo Rios. 3.1MB
FS2002 A319-112 AIR CANADA Features fully moving parts (Gears and doors, rotating engine fans, rudder, slats, flaps, elevator & ailerons). This download contains two planes from A.C. fleet: a classic (C-GAQZ) and the Air Canada's 60th anniversary paint scheme (C-FZUH) wearing the old scheme of Trans Canada Air Lines. Aircraft by: IADG Painted by: Antonio Cossu. 1.9MB
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