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Civil Jets Page 8
FS2000/FS2002 McDonnell Douglas MD-90-30 'BR' .(fictional) WITH PANEL MD90 DEFAULT GAUGES This aircraft is a completely new FSDS model featuring 3-D animated flight controls, flaps, spoilers,chrome effects and landing gear. It also has 3-D gear bays, night lighting effects and 32 bit textures. If used with FS2002 this aircraft also has effects and smoke trails. Uses default 737 panel and sound. Model by Steve Reyling. FDE by Sam Chin and Steve Reyling. Repaint by Alex Mendes. 809K

FS2002 Bombardier Challenger 604. An FSDS aircraft with moving parts, a transparent cockpit and a custom panel with custom gauges. Also included is a modest virtual panel. By Chuck Dome. 1MB
FS2002 US Airways Express US Airways ERJ-145 aircraft by Nick Botamer Painted by Kevin Cadd. 816K
FS2002 fx_oldjetsmoke.fx An effect that adds large black smoke trails during the first minute or so after engaging the smoke system. After the effect runs out, normal jet smoke appears. Based on the work of CFS2 effects masters, Nibbio, Nanni and Ghostpony. Usable on any aircraft with a smoke system in the aircraft.cfg By Rolf Keibell (VF2_Rolf). 30K
FS2002 United Express Bombardier CRJ200 Three aircraft package consisting of: RJ200-ER - N624BR Operated by Atlantic Coast Airlines RJ200-ER - N909SW Operated by SKYWEST Airlines RJ200-LR - N404AW Operated by Air Wisconson Full Moving Parts, Night Effects, Animated Engine Textures, Engine Fans and More. A/C Design: Barry Blaisdell United Express Liveries: Bob May Premier Aircraft Design. 540K
FS2002 B 777 Delta texture files. This is a repaint of FS2002 default Boeing 777_300 in Delta Airlines Colors. It is not an exact replica of the real paint. James Daniels. 1.1MB
FS2000/FS2002 Project Opensky BOEING 747-100 Aer Lingus POSKY Original Technique. Moving flaperon's, spoileron's, aileron's, elevator's, rudder and fan blade's , Tilting bogie's, gear bay's. (All highly detailed) night lighting, flashing beacon's. Transparent cockpit windshield with 3-D pilot's. Designed By Mitsushi Yutaka , Hiroshi Igami, Flight Dynamics by Warren C. Daniel, Tested by Project-Opensky Members Painted by Bob Jones. 4.2MB
FS2000/2002 BR 707 Boeing 707-324C 1966 FSDS Pro model and animation: Gary Carlson FS2k FDE: Michael Verlin Master textures: Yannick Charland, Nick Botamer 707 Livery: Michael Verlin Repaint by Alex Mendes. 2.5MB

FS2002 and Pro Aircraft LAM 727-235 operated in Mozambique mainly flying between Maputo and Johannesburg. "70`s collection - reg. EL-CEM-Zambeze" This aircraft includes detailed photo realistic textures, night lighting effects and full moving parts. Original AFX by Kevin Trinkle/assintel.com . Own sounds and fotorealistic Panel with full views. Panel and Paint by Mario Coelho. 8.4MB

FS2000/2002 AIRBUS A 320 ITALIAN LIVERY FULLPACKAGE: ALITALIA, VOLARE GROUP, AIR EUROPE repaint by MASSIMO GRASSI original model by IADG Includes full moving parts with slotted-flaps and ailerons, night lighted textures. Features large format, hi rez textures. textures by MASSIMO GRASSI. 9.2MB