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FS2000/FS2002 APACHE AH-64 Longbow Panel V1B The Apache AH-64 Longbow panel is sporting high color 24 bit texturing for best viewing. The panel has most of the exact same features and gauges as it should in this release. The panel has extra features to make flying by panel easy. Also added is a VC hud for usage in a model that has a VC. Includes standard and new gauges. By Kirk Long (United Flight Software). 2MB
MD-83: Fly the MAddog panel update (fs2002) Here you can see my onofficial update for the MD-83 Fly the Maddog. This update will change a lot of things from the panel, like a removeable flightyoke. This update includes also a real MD-83 AP and an altitude rader. I have also changed some other gauges to make the panel more realistic. MD-83 Fly the Maddog is needed for this update! By Frank Elfert. 1.6MB
FS 2002 Mil Mi-6 panel The panel for Mi6A in view of aerodynamics of a discrete step of the rotor of the helicopter. Russian devices, animate a steering. Is compatible with file of model Mi6A.zip. Autor - Vladimir Zhyhulskiy. 834K
FS 2002 Mil Mi-8 panel The panel for Mi8MT in view of aerodynamics of a discrete step of the rotor of the helicopter. Russian devices, animate a steering. Is compatible with file of model Mi8MT.zip. Autor - Vladimir Zhyhulskiy. 568K
Cessna 172M Skyhawk 2 panel (fs2002) This is my Cessna 172M Skyhawk 2 panel. The panel is based on my own picture, witch i made at 28 september from my flight over Zwolle and Deventer The panel is equipt with a special light system, and has all the usual things like GPS. This panel can also be used for the normal Cessna 172 from FS2002. By Frank Elfert. 5.3MB
FS2k-Generic panel for 4 engine jet airliner and similar planes. Fritz A. Lülf. 360K
Mirage III panel for CFS2 / FS2000 / FS 2002. Especially designed to be used with the fantastic Dassault Mirage III (B or E) from Denis and Daniel da Silva, but can also be used with any delta jet fighter. Includes a CFS2 GPS to find back your airfield, and a switchable leader Mirage aircraft if you don't like to fly alone. Designed by Pat Grange. 869K
Reconnaissance / Spyplane Panel. Almost all the necessary equipment for your backseater co-pilot can be found on this panel which allows him/her to take photographs using the powerful S.H.A.R.K (Supersonic high altitude recon kit). Suitable for the SR71 and other high speed recon aircraft, it allows a look-down zoom in/out view, and has a camera switch complete with sound for your photo-taking sessions. (requires Concorde gauge - here if needed) SHARIZAL ZAHRIN. 2MB
ST-3 Orbiter "SSNatassia" FLIGHTDECK CAUTION: You will need Concorde's gauges (here if required) - not included with this panel. Due to many requests from virtual astronauts for a HUD-equipped panel, this panel has been assembled direct from the VAB with a HUD. Also includes AFTVIEW towards the payload bay, and side windows. Ceramic tiles not included. SHARIZAL ZAHRIN. 2MB

Old twin INSTRUMENT PANEL ideally for PBY Catalina, or just about any twin prop plane with old-fashioned gauges. Sharizal Zahrin. 2.3MB

Catfix.zip --- Fix for Cat.zip This is a fix for the missing gauges problem if you had downloaded the panel in Cat.Zip. Choose between the two versions to suit your needs: First is CorsairCat.zip - a replacement panel.cfg that uses mostly default Corsair's gauges (you still need Cat.zip for other gauges). 829kb And the second contains ONLY the missing World War 2 gauges for those who had previously downloaded Cat.zip. 2968kb A million thanks to Bob Devereaux for pointing the glitch to me. My apologies to all. Sharizal Zahrin. 3.8MB