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Panels Page 6
Mini-Panel for FS2002 This new Mini-Panel Feature a jet Panel and a Hud specialy adjust for choppers By Jean-Claude Rolland (Coco Design Unlimited) From the excellent works of Rob Barendregt and Stephen Hanley. 321K
FS2002 Boeing 777-200 A 777 panel highly realistic,based on photos from 777-200. Uses mostly standard gauges,and custom gauges from varius authors. by Pasquale Rinaldi. 1.3MB
Boeing 777 panel (fs200x standard/PRO) Here you see my newest Boeing 777 panel. This panel is created for FS2000 and FS2002. This panel got all the normal things, like GPS, ATC support. This panel has also cabin sign's and a specail throttle window. This panel is also tested over more than 4 hours in FS2000 without any problems. This panel includes also all the 777 internal views, and my newest 777 Wingviews, and a removeable flightyoke. This panel is also frame rate friendly! I have also included 2 new Boeing 777 Winampskins! By Frank Elfert. 5.1MB

FS2002 - Panel DC-9. REPLACES DC-9 panel packaged together with Continental DC-9 old livery of 12April, 2002. Fixes all of the numerous bugs and nubs on bitmap. Delete old file. Jim Waters. 2.2MB

FS2002 - DC9 FIX 1!!! Sound file not found erro - fixed. Starts right up. Some gauges removed with no corresponding sound file. 481K

Gauges. 621K

FS2002 WWII US ships panel With radar. By Jean-Jacques Parel. 207K
FS2002 WWII Japanese ships panel With radar. By Jean-Jacques Parel. 164K

FS2002 WWII British ships panel With radar. By Jean-Jacques Parel Unknown author of the radar. 200K
FS2002 Pro 727 panel,1024x768 res with external views. Buckz. 3.9MB

FS2000-2002 DC9 wing-views. Read README file to adjust panel.cfg file for correct perspective. Jim Waters. 716K