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FS2002 Cessna Skylane 182RG Default Repaint. A repaint of the default C182RG in the FS98 paint scheme. Includes a splash screen for use with DreamFleet Splash Screen Randomizer. By Daniel Fourquet. 361K
FS2002 Piper J3 Cub Flight Dynamics. This updates the fantactic FSD Piper Cub for FS2000 (available here) to FS2002. This package contains FS2002 aircraft.cfg and .air files for the FS2000 J3 Cub by Manuel Medel, et al (piprj3mm.zip). Instructions for use included. Files by D.G. Seeley. 7K

FS2002 Aircraft - Dehavilland DHC-2 Beaver. All new for 2002, the favorite of bush pilots everywhere. Completely new with moving parts, 32 bit textures and 5! versions. This package has the standard wheeled version, amphib, floats, skis, and tundra tires. All new panel by Fred Choate with sounds by Aaron Swindle and aircraft by Steven Grant. 8.1MB
FS2002 Bell-Boeing V22 Osprey Prototype textures only. Requires the original V-22 Osprey available here. Original Author - Vlad Zhyhulskiy, Ukraine. Repaint by Travis FitzPatrick--This is a repaint of the V22 Osprey by Vlad Zhyhulskiy in the livery of the original Bell-Boeing Prototype colors, photorealistic. 116K
FS2002 Beechcraft 1900D Central Mountain Air. This is a repaint of Mike Stone's GMAX Beech 1900D. I have been looking for a good B190 to use for AI traffic. Until now all I could find were aircraft which did not display the landing gear when on the ground. Well this one does just that and it is relatively easy on frame rates. Thanks to Mike Stone for this great model. Repaint by Richard McMaster, original model by Mike Stone. 655K
PA-28 Cherokee. Default FS2002 PA-28, made flyable with added panel. 2.7MB
FS2002 Cubana de Aviacion Antonov-24B. Cubana de Aviacion repaint of Dimitri Samborski's An-24B. Textures only. By Alexandre Cadel. You have to use the An-24B FSDS2 model by Dimitri Samborski. 1.6MB
FS2002 ATR42-400MP (Marine Patrol) code "Manta 10-01" in Italian Coast Guard livery (converted in MP version by Alenia aerospace). This is the first ATR42-400MP in service in that corps. It's used to patrol Italian seas, S.A.R. mission, and fishing boats surveillance. Model Includes ATR 42 engine sound, realistic panel, AtR manual, technical data file and real checklist. Special thanks to Alberto La Greca, Ruslan Forostyak, Marco Ravanello and David Durst. Thank to Claudio Dobre for his friendly permission. Repaint texture By Roberto Piazza. 11.6MB
FS2002 STD / PRO Shorts SD3-60-300 Twin Turboprop Full Panel Package. With Panel, Sounds, Views, and Custom Gauges, Includes an Air Cargo Carriers Shorts SD3-60 Freighter, Reg ID: N367AC with Full Moving Parts and Night Lighting. Design / Paint by Barry Blaisdell and Bob May Premier Aircraft Design. 13MB
FS2002 Pro BAC Express Air Cargo Shorts SD3-60-300. Twin Turboprop Freight Transport. BAC Express Air Cargo G-CLAS With full moving parts and night lighting. Design by Barry Blaisdell, Paint: Bob May, Premier Aircraft Design. 275K