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FS2002 Piper Twin Comanche V.2 An FSDS aircraft with moving parts, a transparent cockpit and NEW Model (special request). 2 Textures "RABBIT 100.000" - downloads Celebration and "Africa Wild" - views of Mozambique. With fotorealistic panel (default gauges) Original By Chuck Dome Panel, Interior views and Paint by Mario Coelho. 1.7MB

FS2002 Avions Robin 3000 v 2.1 Runs FAST framerates! Features "Mobile Mike", a fully animated pilot who can be seen "working" in this aircraft. Transparent VC for great scenery gazing. Tri-colour smoke system. Push/pull/rotating yoke, animated rudder pedals. Usual moving parts. "Tweaked" flight dynamics. Semi-transparent prop technique. Aircraft design by award winning designer Nick Pike. Great panel by Matthias Lieberecht. French version by Christian Daboudet. Paint, anodized blue lower panel, tweaked flight dynamics and smoke system by Rick Brown, JHB Aerospace. 2.5MB

FS2002 VIRTUAL UNITED STATES COAST GUARD VC-4 (substituted Saab 340) . (fs2000 version) The VC-4 is a Grumman Gulfstream I. It was the original Coast Guard 1 the 1960's, until it was replaced by the Gulfstream II. It now serves as VIP/Liason transport in the 7th district. It can only be flown by permission of the7th district commander, or his designated representative. The Virtual United States Coast Guard (VUSCG) is an organization of fellow flight simulator enthusiasts that enjoy simulating the missions and procedures of our nation's coast guard. Designed by: Muhammed Chariri Repaint by: Adm. Ray Brower. 1.9MB

FS2002 PRO Fairchild Metroliner III (Big Sky Air Livery) The Metro can trace its lineage back to the original Swearingen Merlin I executive transport. From the Merlin I Swearingen developed the turboprop powered II and III which were to form the basis of the new Metro commuter airliner. This version is an all new FSDS model, with a new airfile, moving parts, custom panel, FS2002 night lighting, and a weight and balance section. It is painted in the Big Sky Air Livery. By Fred Choate. 524K
FS2002 PRO Dehavilland DASH8-311 Dutch Caribbean Express Reg ID: PJ-DHE This aircraft flies daily between Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire in the Netherlands Antilles and Caracas Venezuela. Ver 6 With Full Moving Parts, Night Effects and animated textures. Aircraft Design & Artwork by Barry Blaisdell Livery & night effects by Bob May Premier Aircraft Design. 400K
FS2002 Cessna 182RG Civil Air Patrol (Textures only)A repaint of the default FS2002 Cessna 182RG. This Aircraft is painted in Civil Air Patrol colors. Civil Air Patrol uses these aircrafts for Search and Rescue missions and Cadet Orientation Flights. By: Scott Medeiros. 74K
Model update for FS2002 Cessna O-1E (L-19) "Birdog" File 2k2_o1US.zip needed. This updates fix a problem with an inverted motion of ailerons Author Massimo Taccoli.

FS2002 PRO Beechcraft C12J United States Air Force Ser Nr. 60081 This aircraft is based in Alaska and used for logistical support, pilot training and VIP transport. New Ver 6 design including Panel, Sound, Views. With full moving parts and night effects. Designer: Barry Blaisdell Paint: Bob May Premier Aircraft Design. 15.4MB

FS2002 FAB AT-29 ( super tucano ALX ) he new multi-purpose Super Tucano - based on the successful EMB 312 Tucano - was developed for training and operational missions from remotely located, unprepared airfields deprived of support infrastructure. Model& texture: Daniel da Silva. 606K

FS2000/FS2002 NorthWest Saab 340 Twin turboprop by greggory payne with mods by Dave Tomlinson with added landing lights & beams, new strobe, nav lights & pilot, copilot. File size 2.5MB