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Scenery Page 16
Scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 By Michael Carr. Seahorse Bay Helicopter Tours, located on the islands of Hawaii, is the #1 virtual stop for viewing the tropical paradise that are the Hawaiian Islands. For Helicopter enthusiasts, these bases are accesable only by Helo, boat, and by small aircraft at the Kaalaiki runway terminal (HI25). Detailed scenery based on 4 of the Hawaiian Islands, featuring static SHB Tour Helos, SHB ground vehicles, custom signs, terminals, open air hangers, lots of small details (eye candy). 3.5MB
FS2002 Scenery Millicent South Australia March 2002 Millicent is situated in the lower South East of South Australia. This scenery is extremely accurate. The textures have been made using real photos taken at Millicent airport. Most of the 3d objects and ground textures have been custom made specifically for this scenery. The scenery includes hangars, sheds, club rooms, cars, people, trees, aircraft, seasonal effects and night light effects. By Steven Royals. 2.5MB
FS2002 Puerto Rico Seaplane Bases 14 Seaplane bases around the Puerto Rico area. Includes a location in San Juan at the site of the real Seaborne Airlines. Most locations also have helipads. Requires NOVA textures. Kyle Ramsey. 2.4MB
FS2002 - 'Gaia Mesh System' Switzerland - Austria - Germany - Czeck Republic - Slovenia' Demo. This demo Cover Cover N51 E5 to N49 E9 in on the Western Part of Germany. Part of the Package 'Gaia Mesh System' Switzerland - Austria - Germany - Czeck Republic - Slovenia . See also coverage.jpg for Full pack terrain coverage. The Full Download Size for the Scenery is 16,1 MB. Full Package is Available at Fsfreeware.com as Low Price Payware Scenery at US$ 9.99. By: Fsfreeware Group and Raimondo Taburet. 1.1MB
FS2002 Vancouver International Airport This add-on gives YVR a much needed facelift as well as some interesting and fun things to see and do, with a seaplane dock, elevated helipads and lots of static aircraft. This scenery is loaded with eyecandy. 4.63MB by Ted Griggs
FS2002 Valreas-Visan Airport - LFNV, France. This nice and welcoming airport is not included in any MSFS including 2002. I have tried to fill in the space with my modest first try at Airport 2.6. It is a quite active small aerodrome in the middle of Provence, hiding its grass runway amongst vineyards and lavender fields. The Aeroclub du Haut Comtat operates one Jodel D113, a Piper J3, two Robin DR400/120 and one DR 400/180. The area is beautiful, with typical provenšal villages, Mont Ventoux and the Alps close by. Claude Malet: 622K
FS2002 scenery - Bangkok, Thailand, VTBD adds buildings to default Bangkok scenery, including gates, and BKK landmark buildings. By Martin Strong. 3.1MB
FS2002 - 'Gaia Mesh System' New Zealand Demo. This demo Cover Cover S42 E173 to S43 E174 in New Zealand. Part of the Package 'Gaia Mesh System' New Zealand. This Pack Cover the whole of New Zealand and includes very Detailed Terrain Mesh. The Full Download Size for the Scenery is 6,35 MB ONLY! Full Package is Available at Fsfreeware.com as Low Price Payware Scenery at US$ 14.99. Direct Download or Cd delivery Services are both Available. By: Fsfreeware Group and Raimondo Taburet. 177K
FS2002 scenery enhancement for the Northwest Territories, Canada. Features all government and commercial seaplane bases in the territory and includes a detailed A/FD for both land and water airports, plus heliports. Bonus scenery includes five wilderness camps and the Canol Heritage Trail. By Bill Freeborn. 3.7MB (update below)
FS2002 New Gates and Gate resize for New Zealand Airports v.1 For a while now no large AI aircraft could land in New Zealand because FS 2002 had no large gates for New Zealand airports.(expept Wellington which had 1!) A new program called Add A Gate by John Stottlemire has allowed me to correct this fault now you will see those 747's and 777's that do normally arrive at Auckland and Christchurch every day. Also I have resize the secondry airports to allow the 737's, BAe 146's and ATR 72 into them. Robert Bakhuis. 81K