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General Utilities page 2
FS2002 Cabin Lighting Tutorial: This addition can make your panels look more even-lighted by casting an even amber floodlight on the panel and or no light on the panel, and soft-white inside the instruments.By Alex Yanes. 2K
FS2002 Weather : How to have a good real weather program in FS2002 with the ATC function enabled. This combination of programs offrs the possibility to have the most missing tool in FS2002: a good weather program and have FS2002 as real as possible. This is version 3 of this weather program. by Jerry Joseph. 596K
YAFSScreen is a rewrite of Matthias Holzers great FSScreen-Program - It can save a single image (or other data that has been copied to the clipboard) in multiple copies to several directories. - It does not remove the data from the clipboard as FSScreen appears to do. So you can still paste into another program and non-standard copy/paste operations as in MS Excel continue to work even if YAFSScreen is running. - When saving images you can select from (as of now) three formats. BMP, GIF and JPEG, selecting special options where applicable. - Images can be scaled in various ways before being saved. I use this to save a thumbnail and a full-size-image from every screenshot. - After saving a file YAFSScreen can run any program on it. - It opens explorer on the target folder at the press of a button to allow browsing. - It has a longer name. In a great tradition I have called it "Yet Another FSScreen". 786K
Mission-Control version: 0.2 date : 24th april 2002 author : Hans-Peter Jacobs contact: Hans-Peter.Jacobs@epost.de license: Freeware simulat: FS 2002 The freeware-tool Mission-Control introduces a rating-system into the FS 2002-world. It can be used to verify flight-routes, watch limits, evaluate landing-approaches and a lot more. Both private pilots flying just for fun and Virtual Airlines will benefit from Mission-Control. The package contains 4 little demo-missions (Aerobatics, Helicopter, Precisison Landing, VFR-flight in the alps). Version 0.2 adds a tool for VA's to keep track of multiple pilots (rating, flight-hours, etc.). Requires fsuipc.dll (tested with 2.83 and 2.85). 2.3MB
Mdlpatch This is unsupported software for non-commercial use only. The purpose of this utility is to patch an MDL610.MOD based airplane visual model so that external stores will appear under the 7.5 version of Flight Simulator. It can also be used to prevent the simulator from cycling over the "Virtual Cockpit" view. The utility does two things: 1. The function that creates the MODELHEADER structure is modified to set the appropriate flags. 2. The function that, in real MDLs, sets component flags and scale values, is added. MDL610.MOD does not have this function because it is designed to hold FS5.x planes. The software operates on visual models incorporated into Microsoft MDL610.MOD template DLLs whose code section is UNMODIFIED, except for modifications to the variable table update function. Files that do not meet this criteria will be rejected. 65K
ACTIVE CAMERA FOR FS 2002 v1.1 DESCRIPTION OF THE MODULE. With this module you can enable a "fly by" view in Microsoft FS 2002. (c) 2002, Andy Newman and Serge Baye. 48K