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FS2002 ATC Radar Screen v4.5 This program will allow you to control a towered-airport or an entire ARTCC/FIR's sector, in a multiplayer session. Features: view FSNav's SIDs/STARs, change the objects colors, new zoom in/out way, new chatbox, etc. Doesnt requires any earlier version. Requires the Manuel's Service Pack 2. By: Manuel Ambulo. 4.1MB

CrashBak w/ CrashFx for FS2002. WHATS NEW: CrashFx adds 33 NEW Crash Effects to Fs2002. Huge fireballs, flying aircraft parts, craters, and shock waves. Better Win98 compatibility. Smaller memory / processor footprint. Built-in preview function for CrashFx. Auto Install. 2.4MB

Manual Install Version - created for those that do not use auto install programs. 2MB

FS2002 Airport's Chart Viewer v3.8 This is a program that will generate and display a map of all the taxiways (with their ids), gates, parkings, ILS, and runways of any airport of the FS world. This version doesnt needs to make databases files. Scroll up, down, left, right the chart. Doesnt requires any earlier version. By: Manuel Ambulo. 1.2MB
FS2002 Artificial Intelligent ATC v3.0 This program will bring atc services to the players during a FS multiplayer session. It can bring atc services in more than one airport, without running two AI ATC programs in the same multiplayer session. Now you can request visual approaches, touch and go and VFR flight direction. Doesnt requires any earlier version. By: Manuel Ambulo. 4MB
FS2002 AI ATC Pilot's HandBook v3.0 This is a document that the pilots or players must read, in order, to know how to use the Artificial Intelligent ATC v3.0 program. By: Manuel Ambulo. 1.2MB
FS2002 Manuel's Service Pack 2 The Manuel's Service Pack 2, installs importants files required by the Manuel Ambulo's programs, for run, those are: Airport's Chart Viewer, Artificial Intelligent ATC, ATC Radar Screen and Aircraft & Gauges Uninstaller. By: Manuel Ambulo. 4.6MB
EZ-Landclass Version 2.00 EZ-Landclass is a program that allows you to change the placement of landclass and waterclass textures in Microsoft Flight Simulator™ 2002 & 2004. You can use it to add small towns that MS left out, for instance, or to correct the type of vegetation or ground cover in a certain area. EZ-Landclass is written as an Excel application. By Russel Dirks. 737K
FS2002/FS2004 Aircraft Consistency Check - FSACC v3.2. Ever wondered why an installed aircraft does not show up in the Select Aircraft dialog, or the sound is missing, or ATC does not call the aircraft correctly? FSACC lists all aircraft folders and checks for each selected folder the aircraft's configuration. Help briefly explains how these things link up. 1.8MB
FS2004/2002 Easy Installer Utility! FS 2002 And FS2004 Easy Installer Utility - Version 1.0 This program enables users of Microsoft© Flight Simulator 2002 And 2004 to add scenery, textures, effects, aircraft, gauges. This is achieved by the in just a few easy steps without any hassel or previous file extension knowledge. Supports all windows versions. Includes: 1. Texture Installer 2. Scenery Installer 3. Aircraft Installer 4. Gauge Installer 5. Effects Installer 6. Option to change the way FS loads By Stuart Baker. 2.5MB
MP-Lite Client 2.1 For FS2000/2002. Freeware (FS2004 use ver 3.x) Connects to MP-Lite Multiplayer server system. Ideal for Online Flying groups who want to locate a permanent server for their online sessions. Feat built in Chat scroll and alias players aircraft to a/c in your hangar when you don't have theirs installed. Easier NAT/Router Config than MS Multiplayer. Smooth fluid aicraft movement. By Nick Dyer. 3.7MB
FS2002 Airport's Chart Viewer v4.0 This is a FS2002 module that will generate and display a map of all the taxiways (with their ids), gates, parkings, ILS, and runways of any airport of the FS2002 world. Doesnt need of FSUIPC. Requires the Manuel's Service Pack 3. By: Manuel Ambulo. 287K