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  Misc Page 9
FS2004 Eagle - Fictional Craft. This ship was my First Model in fsds2. Designed by Hubert Steinbacher. 641K
FS2004 Red Flag Video/Slideshow. A video for the start of a "Red Flag that I am doing om my home network. All of the screenshots were taken by me except for the actual photos which are from the U.S. Air Force website. I used; -Fraps -Windows Mobie Maker -Grab Clip The song is 'Fighter' from Freeplaymusic.com Thanks to all of the designers and re-painters for thir time and effort in building these wonderful aircraft. 2.3MB
FS2004 Sailable Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier that you can now sail/fly anywhere you like, comes with basic 2D Panel. Made from the Original Static FSDS Files by Javier Fernández, Panel,Sounds & Guages by Phil Crowther. Come with two Models and Panels. Based on files from the "FLETCHER CLASS DESTROYER" By Phil Crowther. Made from the Original Static FSDS Files by Javier Fernández. Ian Thatcher. 3.4MB
FS2004 1998 Porsche 911 GT2 R **Beta Release** This addon is a test version of its full counterpart and it is for FS9. Complex textures have been implimented onto the model for a more realistic look and allows for a fully customizable texture set [now included]. And just like the Mercedes SL600, this addon was inspired by the previous car addons that started the new car revolution for the virtual world of Flight Simulator. Test it out and see how you can improve it. Made by Jessy Corrales ***Warning: Recommended for experienced Beta Testers only - see Readme file***. 862K
FS2004/2002 Unreal Aviation Skywalker Strap-On Helicopter. Tiny backpack helicopter with two counterbalanced, contra-rotating single-blade rotors each driven by a tiny 125cc ten horsepower engine. Based upon the 1940's work of Paul Baumgartl, this is a modernised version with a couple of minor, subtle changes for safety. By Kevin Bryan. 3.5MB

FS2004 Video-This is a Windows Media Player video of many of the default and addon aircraft for FS9. It has mostly military but also has vintage aircraft. Video by: Ryan Osborne-This is a Windows Media Player video of many of the default and addon aircraft for FS9. It has mostly military but also has vintage aircraft. Video by: Ryan Osborne. 18.5MB

FS2004 Merlin Stratojet "Independence" Textures only - repaint for the "Merlin from Stratojet" by Eugene Heyart (required here). 1-6-05 By Terry (Seawolf) Funk. 928K

FS2004 Macromedia Flash Kneeboard 2005. Freeware Full Version Built with Macromedia Flash MX PRO and Director MX 2004 This kneeboard will add features not designed for FS2004, developing a "As Real As It Gets" feeling of reality in our FS2004 World. Mike Woolsey. 6.6MB

Update: Provides a new look to the kneboard. 40K

FS2004 - Oscar Class Submarine This is a detailed version of the "Oscar Class Submarine" and comes with a very detail Cockpit, Textures, Animated Flag and Props. I have included 2 Versions and both have their own "Sound Files".This version also has a basic working "Autopilot". Also included are the FSDS Source Files for those that might like to learn more about Designing or for those that might like to upgrade what work I have already done. Copyright: Kotaro Akikawa & Ian Thatcher. 3.1MB
FS2004 Abrams M-1A1 Tank. Enclosed you will find a NEWLY updated version 3 of the M-1A1 Abrams tank. Have updated textures for vehicle, cut down the sound files to only essiential files, and added a panel. The panel has to bitmaps, the main panel and a "gunner's" panel. There are gauges at the top of the main panel featuring 10 lighted sound buttons that will play tank gun sounds. Each sound will play once. Then you must turn off then press to hear sound again. The buttons are color coded and lighted. There are 10 sounds for the weapons including several automatic weapons, incoming fire etc. Great fun! By: David Roush. 3.9MB