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FS2004/FS9 Aero Commander 500 (WITH Virtual Cockpit) by Milton Shupe, Scott Thomas and André Folkers. Pkg incl Gmax A/C with "hand-flyer" flight dynamics, and features two custom era correct panels and easy-to-read virtual cockpits, 3 paint schemes and matching interiors, VC gauge backlighting, rain effects and specular highlites in the VC and Html checklists. This model is greatly enhanced over the previous releases of our Aero Commanders. 12.2MB

FS2004 Aero Commander 500 (NO VC): by Milton Shupe, Scott Thomas and André Folkers. Pkg incl Gmax A/C and full animation, "hand-flyer" flight dynamics, two custom era correct panels, 3 paint schemes, outside wing and engine views, dynamic shine, Html checklists and website support. This model is greatly enhanced over the previous releases of our Aero Commanders. 11.7MB

FS2004/2002 Cessna L-19E (O-1E) "Bird Dog" The archive contain two different texture sets, one for an RoKAF L-19E, the other for a Canadian Armed Forces L-19E. The model has many moving parts: flaps, ailerons, rudder, elevator, steerable tail wheel linked to the rudder, rotating wheels with suspensions, and opening side windows and door. It has also detailed interior with pilot, and an operating virtual cockpit. 2D panel modified by the original from Brahim Rhoul , is also contained. Model by Massimo Taccoli, textures by Massimo & Gerardo Taccoli, Flight dynamics by Dennis Seeley. 6.5MB

FS2004 Diamond DA20-C1 Eclipse Moncton Flight College. A two seat, 125 Hp, general aviation light plane. Moncton Flight College REG_ID: C-GMFB & C-FLMC. Based at CYQM - Moncton Intl Airport, Canada. A full ver 1.6 Plane, Panel, Sound Pkg. With Panel, VC, Sound, HTML Chk & Ref Lists. An FSDS 2.24 design with full animation including opening canopy with sounds etc. Design by Pavel Toman, Barry Blaisdell and Bob May of Premier Aircraft Design. 12MB

FS2004 Jabiru Mark 2. All flight surfaces function, rolling wheels, turning center wheel. Modifications are: turning pilots head, Fowler flaps and hinges, new generation Jabiru with longer tail, wider wingspan, 6 cyl. engine with higher airspeed, refined airfile, and repair of engine restart anomoly. Model by William Ortis. 2.9MB

- see panel update here

- Model Update here

FS2004 Jabiru Original Version Update. This is an updated version of the earlier version Jabiru with shorter tail and narrower wingspan. Modifications include detailed Fowler flaps, modifications to fairings, latches, fuel cap, pilot posture and seats within airplane, refined air file for smoother more realistic performance of a Jabiru, and repair of the engine restart anomoly. The panel has been modified for better visual as well. Aircraft created in Gmax by William Ortis, data from Shaun Gorham, assistance in flight tuning and instrumentation by Ricardo Jones. Please read the ReadMe file before flight. This is NOT the same as the Jabiru2. 2.9MB

- see panel update here

- Model Update here

FS2004 Cessna 182 RG - completely overhauled, Painted, New Panel & flight Dynamics By Robert Hawk: New power plant -300 hp Turbo ChargedTeledyne Continental IO-520-L , Like its sibling, the 182S, the RG version of this popular plane is a stable, powerful workhorse. This model, however, allows you to move up to more complex flying with retractable landing gear. Cessna no longer manufactures a retractable gear version of the 182. Flight Simulator's 182RG is based on earlier models last built in the 1980s. See the Aircraft Information section of Help for tips on flying this aircraft. File completed & prepared By Robert Hawk. 4.5MB

FS2004 Condor 2. Improved the Condor II by slimming the body and giving the plane dynamic Paint,Working suspension and a lot of other goodies. The cockpit still opens the normal way(shift+E). I made a panel for this one(my first panel ever.I have recieved a lot of fixes for this plane and want to thank everyone that contributed to this project,as there were so many responces for the fixes that I decided to use the fixes by Sergio Dolcemascolo of Brazil,A really Big Thanks to him...In this model the glass has been fixed to not disapear at certain angles,cleaned up the cockpit,tires and fixed the screen problem.The VC light has also been fixed,if you liked the original light just take out the VC effect file and your good to go.Remember to delete the old one,before you Install this one,Now it will show up as Rilo Aeronautics. Ric Lopez. 1.5MB
FS2004/2 Dehavilland DHC6-300 Twin Otter. FIRST AIR Reg_ID: C-FNAN tunda tire ver. Based at Yellow Knife and flies the Canadian North. The zipfiles, d6skyb41 (FS2002) or the d6skyb42 (FS2004) must be installed before using this aircraft. Made in Gmax with wing views, dynamic shine, full suspension, etc. Design by Udo Lemmob, Barry Blaisdell and Bob May - Premier Aircraft Design. 1.3MB