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  Scenery Page 16
FS2004 Paris Orly LFPO AFCAD2. For Orly2004 scenery by Yannick MILLE. A total of 107 gates are available. All gates have their centerlines and stop lines lighted at night. Other features are included such as holding bay, helicopter area or tower view point. AFCAD2 available here. By Xavier Ossedat. 73K
FS2004 only New Grass & Dirt Runways & Taxiways. These new textures will completely change the look of your Default Grass and Dirt Runways & Taxiways to be what I consider to be much more realistic. Ian Thatcher. 860K
FS2004 Bujr Al-Arab Hotel Scenery. Start with your helicopter at Dubai International and fly to ship to take a passenger and fly him to his hotel south of Dubai City. By Dirk E. Fassbender. 898K
FS2002/FS2004 scenery - Hopper Inc. Helicopter Flying Airfield - Headquarters of a fictional helicopter company located in Oregon, USA in the Hood River area near Mt. Hood. Scenery includes a detailed airfield and offers some unique training facilities to chopper pilots. By Sven Hunaeus. 813K
FS2004 Castlegar, British Columbia, Canada (CYCG). Castlegar (V2) is located in the southeast corner of British Columbia in the beautiful Selkirk Mountains. This is one of the more challenging airports to land at. Features accurate custom hangars, buildings and night textures. This version fixes several problems with textures and building crashes. By Vern Opperman. 813K
FS2004 Cranbrook BC. Cranbrook (CYXC) is located in the southeast corner of British Columbia, Canada, known as the East Kootenays. It is a popular tourist area for those liking the outdoors, with such recreational activities as fishing, hiking, rafting and of course, lots of beautiful golf courses. In winter there is two excellent ski facilities close by with both downhill and cross-country skiing. By Vern Opperman. 1.3MB
FS2004 and FS2002 Scenery LOGNES EMERAINVILLE ( LFPL ) . It's a small french airfield at the east of PARIS close to DISNEYLAND park . Includes Helipad & is ideal for VFR flight training! The scenery enclose flightplans for FS2004 . Author Francis BOULET. 3.5MB
FS2004/2002 Nelson's Coves Helicopter Flight Scenery. Scenery Small helicopter oriented flight service in the Mt. Hood area. Located at a quiet cove on the Columbia River. Assorted starting points or to fly here set the ADF to 500 and follow the arrow. Keith W. Kennedy. 2.7MB
FS2004/2002 UK Wind Farms V2. This scenery places 13 wind farms into Wales UK. A total of 355 individual wind generators creating enough power for nearly 98 thousand Homes annually. They are geographically correct and designed to fit perfectly with Visual flight / Getmapping VFR Photographic scenery. Now with much better gmax turbine model supplied by John "Bones" Woodside. (Also see Volume 1 windfarmV1.zip here) For Fs2004/02By Dale Sedgwick. 1.3MB
FS2004 New Waves Textures. This texture will produce a wave like effect on the water {White Caps} for use in FS2004. Recommended for use with Bill Lyons water refection textures. Created By Michael Young. 626K