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  Scenery Page 19
FS2004 scenery - Pawnee, Oklahoma H97 NOT COMPATABLE WITH FS2002 In reality this is a two turf landing strip airport - however, since I have had some family there (maybe still do) I have taken the liberty of improving the airport by lengthing the R32 to 5,500' ashphalt, high intensity lighting, fuel service, improved paved parking, and ILS for the "flight school" and for your ease of flying. NDB has also been added. Plus: progressive taxi & tower. You will also note sailboats and other craft in the two lakes surrounding Pawnee all of which are autogen FS2004 addons made possible by Robert Furlan. Jimmy R Martin. 1.1MB
FS2004 Mae Hong Son (VTCH), Thailand. Mae Hong Son is located in Northwest Thailand near the border with Myanmar. The terrain is mountainous, which makes approaches into the airport quite difficult. The province has been attracting more tourists over the last few years, which has prompted the government has made some improvements to the airport, included a new terminal building. Most of the buildings display traditional Thai architecture themes. Two other small airfields are included: Pai (VTCI) and Mae Sariang (VTCS). Martin Strong. 8.8MB
FS2004 San Diego VFR Scenery. Adds 134 scenery objects to the San Diego area, including the USS Midway, Petco Park, the round hangars on North Island NAS, ships and boats in the bay and lots more.Programmed in XML, this scenery is very framerate friendly. By Tim Merrell. 53K

FS2004 Bella Coola Valley Terrain Mesh and Scenery Enhancements One of the most spectacular watersheds of British Columbia's Midcoast, the Bella Coola Valley looks pretty boring in its default FS rendition. These files provide a LOD10 (38-m) mesh made from CDED1 0.75-arcsec data, a new landclass file, and accurate placements of lakes, rivers, streams, and roads. Also includes the glaciers of the Monarch Mt. Icefield and several forestry roads and clearcuts along the side valleys. Made with Ground2K4 based on Landsat 7 ETM+ satellite imagery. Holger Sandmann. 21MB

FS 2004 - Canada Airport Tower Views and Helipads PACK 1. - This package was specially crafted to allow for a "one shot" download process of all my latest creations and contains the AF2_XXXX.bgl files ( with a proper control "tower view" and 1 or 2 helipads ) for 5 default airports ( without addon scenery ) for each of the ten provinces and 3 Territories of Canada ( 5 x 13 = 65 airports ). - A few airports were removed in order to round the number of airports to 5 / prov. and territ. They will be included in pack 2 which I will post later this year. - Also included is a text file with the data ( longitude, latitude and elevation ) used to create the views and to add the helipad(s). - AFCAD utility by Lee Swordy needed (here) to generate de AF2_XXXX.bgl files using this data. Marc Renaud. 204K
FS2004 Picnic Table Fire 2004 This package contains The 2004 Picnic Table fire, about 9 NM MW of Ft Collins, Co. Load up your Air Attack prop or Slurry bomber and get out there. It has already creasted the ridge and started down toward the town. Got to airport 3V5 (Ft Collins Downtown) and fly NW hdg 290 for about 9 NM. The fire will appear at about 5-6 NM range. Does nat have anywhere near the intensity of a real fire of this type. By Kyle Ramsey. 6K
FS2004 TFFR "Pôle Caraïbes", International Airport of Guadeloupe Island. New Scenery of the International Airport of Pointe-à-Pitre: " Pôle Caraïbes", located in Guadeloupe French Caribbean Islands. By: Christian Delblond. 5.5MB
FS2004 EGFH Swansea Airport, UK, Situated 5nm WSW of Swansea Created with Airport V3. Custom control Tower designed with FSDS.AF2 and Landclass files also included to update the surrounding area. Author Paul Roberts in co-operation with Mike Vernon. 265K

LOD9 (76-m) Terrain Mesh of Namibia, southwestern Africa Add-on mesh for the entire country of Namibia (S17-29 E11-21), including the Caprivi Strip east to the Victoria Falls (Zambia/Zimbabwe). The source data are 3-arcsec (~90-m) Shuttle Radar (SRTM) files, compiled at LOD9 (76-m) resolution. Processing with John Childs' Blackart (v3.74) and Peter Guth's MicroDEM (v7.02). Includes a LOD7 buffer mesh to prevent blue slivers in the mid to far distance. Consists of five parts. Holger Sandmann

5 Parts: namib_se.zip (24MB), namib_sw.zip (35MB), namib_nw.zip (35MB), namib_ne.zip (22MB), namib_cp.zip (16MB)