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  Scenery Page 87
FS2004 Project Lisbon Photoreal v4.1 This version includes improvements on photoreal BITMAP for terrain, buildings, bridges, airport ground and navaids. As in previous versions, the scenery is based on accurate and updated data from real charts, GPS maps, real measures and Google Earth. By Pedro Oliveira. 49.1MB
FS2004 Telstra Clear Events Centre - Manukau City. Version 2. Manukau City- South Auckland - New Zealand. Known for some interesting structures. I have modeled these as accurate as I can. By Ron Watson. 1.4MB
FS2004 Two Fictional Antartic Airports. One created on a non exquisting Island' or piece of default scenery. the second on default scenery. Both Airports are fully functional with ATC and Nav Aids. But the LAT, and LONG for these Airports makes strange things happen to your Aircraft Instruments. In particularly' the one that I created on the default water. So listen carefully to ATC at all times. AFCAD' and T Tools by Lee Swordy required (here). By Frank Ovenden. 1MB
FS2004 USS Carrier John Glenn. The USS John Glenn is making it's first "Port o' Call" in Tahiti. 100% solid deck. Runway A-OK. Added MEATBALL VASI: TCRV at "PORT AMIDSHIP". Complete CL-III ILS/NAV system. Included is the "Carrier Zone" data for the "Cat's" and the "Trap". Planner Airport ID: "GLEN". Located in Tahiti Bay, French Polynesia, S17 W149. Use MAP for Nav. Info. Flight plan capable using ILS, VFR, & GPS. 100% functional COMM's. ArresterCables.dat file for FS9 included. Steve Hinson. 4MB
FS2004 Kermanshah Airport, Iran AFCAD update and traffic. By Shahin Najafi. 27K
FS2004 TreeGen V 1.0 The default FS9 trees are over-sized and too sparse. As a result, they never create a believable tree-line, or give you the sense of mass and density. I've reduced the size of the trees down by 40%, and increased their numbers. There is no performance hit at all. In fact, you should get better performance because these files are at half the size compared to the original. I've reduced the quality down slightly to help increase fps, but you shouldn't notice any difference once airborn at 200 feet and above. All seasons are included. By Feng Zhu. 2.7MB
FS2004 Cutler Field, Powell OH- this is a file of my home airport, Cutler Feild. This scenery requires rwy12, here. It has 2 hangers, tower and ground radio, a flaming ring to fly through, and a barn to fly through. Also inclueds afcad files. By Robin O"Donnell. 101K
FS2004 The Holy Island Breakwater, Wales, UK. Information & Images on the history of the Breakwater can be seen at the following web site, well worth a read!! http://www.holyheadbreakwater.com/history.htm By Dyl Roberts. 2.8MB
FS2004 Dunkeswell Airport, Devon, UK. This airport has two runways and one with lights. The land has been flattened out and there is AI traffic included. This scenery is an exact match to the real airport as I have been there flying. Included with this download is some pictures of the real airfield and a video of a stunt plane landing. Name: Kurtis Green. 2.4MB