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  Vintage Page 60

FS2004 Boeing 247D. The Boeing 247 was a trendsetter in the early 1930’s. It was the first airliner to have an all-metal, stressed-skin, low-drag airframe and a retractable landing gear. Even when the bigger and better DC-2 and DC-3 arrived, the 247’s continued to give excellent service over the next 20 years. Flight dynamics by FSAviator. By Jens B. Kristensen. 5.5MB
FS2004 North American T-6G 3D Fly FS Racing livery. Model by J. E. Narcizo Textures by Telli Narcizo - Denis da Silva FDE by Rancho JEN team - Special thanks to A.C.Lucena, Celso Pacheco Panel by Johan Lemmers. 4.7MB
FS2004 Spitfire MkXIX Swedish S31 Textures only - with markings from Swedish Airforce 11th wing,F11,the aircraft with this tail-number is on exhibition at the Airforce-museum in Linkoping. The Spitfire Mk XIX was the first of the Griffon-Engined photo reccoversions to enter large scale production. Based on the Mk XIV airframe and the Griffon 65 or 66 engine with a Rotol 5 bladed Propellor. This repaint requires the original file Spitfire Pr XIX.zip, by A.F.Scrub. available here Repaint by Lars Fors. 207K
FS2004/2002 Siemens Schuckert D.III. The SSW D.III was designed as a fast-climbing interceptor and was to make use of the new 11 cylinder Siemens-Halske 160hp counter-rotary engine. This engine featured a propeller and cylinders that rotated opposite to the crankcase, allowing a slower propeller speed for the same power and the elimination of torque among other things. Initial tests of the Sh.III engine in the SSW D.IIb saw the remarkable (for the time) climb of 7000m in 35 minutes, and the decision was made to design a new interceptor around it. Model by J R Lucariny. 2.4MB

FS2004 Savoia Marchetti SM-84 Royal Italian Air Force. In 1940, the Regia Aeronautica received a new addition to its bomber force, the SM.84, that was designed to replace the SM.79, but which never succeeded in equaling the performance of its illustrious predecessor. Complete aircraft. The model, created by William Dickens with Abacus FSDS_v3, features the usual moving parts, such as all flight controls, spinning wheels and so on. Two liveries (15°Sq./ 4°Grp./ 7°Stormo B.T., and 241°Sq./98°Grp./43°Stormo B.T.) Repaint & FS9 adaption by Manuele Villa. 2.3MB

Savoia Marchetti SM-84 Fix. This corrects the problems of compatibility with FS9. New Air and Cfg files. 228K

FS2004 DC-4 Resort Airlines Textures only. You need Jens Kristenson's great Douglas DC-4 (here). This repaint shows the livery of Resort Airlines as they operated in the last years of their existence. Founded as a charter airline and tour operator they flew to many locations in the Caribbean like Jamaica, Guatemala, Nassau, Havana, Mexico. Resort Airlines ceased its operations in 1960. Repaint by: Jaap de Baare. 1.7MB

FS2004 AB/T6-Texan USAF "Double Vee". This aircraft is owned and opperated by the SNJ Corp, South St. Paul, Minnesota. Visual Multi model, Virtual cockpit and moving parts by AU-MaV Textures by RC79 Panel by Johan "VIPER" Lemmers Flight Model by RC79 FS9 pilot figure by Dave Eckert P&W Engine 3D model By Tom Eads. 7.8MB
FS2004 Lockeed PV-2 Harpoon Italian Air Force In 1952/54, the Italian Air Force received the Lockeed PV-2 Harpoon in order to enforce the ASW groups (equipped with the old Curtiss SB-2C Helldiver). These aircrafts served with A.M.I. (Aeronautica Militare Italiana) until 1956, when the ASW groups (86th and 87th) started to be re-equipped with Grumman S2F Trackers. Complete aircraft included. Original CFS2/FS2K/FS2K2 freeware model by Alphasim, features the usual moving parts, such as all flight controls, spinning wheels and so on. Textures for an a/c belonged to 86th ASW Group. By Manuele Villa. 1.1MB
FS2004 Fiesler Fi V1 Flying Bomb. -103ACAM V-1 for TLUK V-1 This is a fictional repaint of the Fiesler Fi-103 currently on display at the Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum. I was fortunate enough in July of 2005 to do the repaint on the real V-1 and thought it fitting to also do one for FS9. includes photos of the real and FS9 V-1I've made it as detailed as possible. No other downloads needed : Model, sound, dynamics, original texture by TLUK Design. ACAM repaint by Tim Staples (C-61ES) Windburn Studios. 6.2MB
FS2004 Avro Anson Mk1 VC Update. Update to add a working VC to the Avro Anson Mk1 package (here). By David Garwood. 4.2MB