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Helicopters Page 8

FS98 MD Mini 500, said to be the most economic chopper to own (?). Includes panel. File size 187291. Capt Slug

FS98 Constant headwind: This adventure gives you a constant headwind, making hovering easier & helping you to get that zero groundspeed landing! File size 2.6k. R Moreau

FS98 Sikorsky MH-60G " Pavehawk " The Pavehawk is the special operations variant of the Blackhawk helicopter. File size 86589. P Stokes

FS98 Aerospatiale Allouette II with sounds, panel with moving hand & easy fly (using flaps & spoiler) air file. File size 604144. C Gallops

Alternative version of this but with standard FS98 helicopter flying controls. File size 339770

FS98 Aerospatiale SE313 Alouette II, TDM Alaska. File size 606013. S Hakim, J Ford

FS98 Westland Wessex with 3 texture finishes. File size 328267. G Waterfield, Flight Sim Developers

FS98 UN Bell 412 with moving rotors. File size 71612. T Harris. Ideal for panel below

FS98 Panel: Medium 'copter with good instrument range. Ideal for Huey or 412. File size 322373. G Waterfield, Flight Sim Developers

FS98 Hughes 500E. Riverside Police Dept. File size 71308. N Bopitiya

FS98 Virgin Air Ambulance SA365N Dauphin. File siz 100501

FS98 Timberline Ski Resort MD 500. File size 77035.