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Civil Jets Page 61

FS98 All Nipon Airlines Boeing 747-400. Quality AF99 textures, Pokemon livery. File size 72810. R Hidd, B Alderson

FS98 Compass Boeing 737-700. With quality textures, moving parts & panel. File size 812939. B Quayle, R Hidd. Panel contains shareware CRT gauge. Download freeware CRT gauge here. (72k)

FS98 Virgin Atlantic A340-300 with moving parts. File size 104241. C Valliquette, M Sato

FS98 Pride Air Boeing 727. File size 102677. B Quayle.
FS98 NorthWest Boeing 747-400, quality textures. File size 57329. B Alderson, R Hidd

FS98 SAS Douglas DC-8-32. Registration: LN-MOA "Haakon Viking". Shiny metal textures optimized for 3D-cards, moving parts, working landing lights and cabin windows lighted at night. In the years 1967-68 SAS repainted their aircrafts in a new paint scheme. This is a highly detailed model of "LN-MOA" the way it appeared freshly repainted in the spring of '68. Original by: Kim Simmelink. SAS textures and rework: Steinar Hveding. File size 79965

FS98 British Airways Boeing 747-400. Delftblue tail. Good textures. RR Engines. File size 60k. B Alderson, R Hidd


FS98 Eva Air Boeing 747-400. Nice textures. File size 60k. B Alderson, R Hidd

FS98 KLM Boeing 747-400, nice textures. File size 60k. B Alderson, R Hidd

FS98 Singapore Airlines Boeing 747-400 in the Pokemon Rainbow livery. Good textures. File size 92403. B Alderson, E Chu