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Props Page 19
FS98 Classic Waco F-5. For FS5 so use converter to install. File size 58159

FS98 British Airways Shorts 360 with panel. Needs ACS GPS from GAUGES. File size 1943318
FS98 'Finlantic' Douglas DC6-B. File size 99964
FS98 Beechcraft C90B King Air, acurate flight model. File size 83912
FS98 Maule Comet. Nose wheel Good flying model. File size 209062
FS98 Grumman S2F Tracker with sound files. File size 1554488
FS98 Piper PA23 Apache. Made in 1957. File size 133226
FS98 Antonov AN 38. File size 108656
FS98 Antonov AN 22, Aeroflot. File size 166156
FS98 Grumman G-44A Super Widgeon wirth multi engine sound files. File size 1407909. Alternative site