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Props Page 40
FS98 Aeroworks Dark Eagle. File size 77403. J Terry
FS98 Piper Cub Float plane. High quality with sounds & splash sounds. File size 2490512. B Wenning, M Hambly

FS98 Yak-54. File size 135526. M Maliniemi

FS98 T34-C Mentor. Full pack with panel, sounds & moving parts. File size 2944187. C Lampard, D Haskel, L Hall, E Zapp

FS98 Beech T-42A Cockise, a USAF B55 used for IFR training by the USAF & USN. File size 117122. G Gebel
FS98 Pan Am Boeing 377 Stratocruiser. The 747 of its day used for long haul flights. Moving parts. File size 133672. D McQueen

FS98 Team Lufthansa DeHavilland Dash 8-311 Repainted by Dave Armour. Original designed by Barry Blaisdell. Flight Dynamics by Jens Borgstroem. Includes 12pt rounded fuselage, fully animated flaps, gear, ailerons, elevators, rudder, landing lights, spinning props and highly detailed textures. Includes custom made panel by Dave Armour,which includes startup ,spool down, checklist and panel function JPG. File size 2381499

FS98 Rocky Mountain Airways DHC6-300S Twin Otter For FS98 with Moving Parts. Design & Artwork: Barry Blaisdell. Rocky Moutainn Airways Paint by Rui Cristina Flight Dynamics: Jens Borgstroem. File size 122221

FS98 Coastal Airlines Dornier 328. Realistic textures, cabin and landing lights added. MOVING PARTS. Design by: H.G. Schnell and Ulrich Effertz Textures by: Iván Rodríguez Repaint by Dave Armour Panel includes startup spool down, no extra windows and good visibilty. by Dave Armour. File size 2749873