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Props Page 6

FS98 BAe Jetstream business turbo-prop. Full pack with panel. File size 1351036

FS98 Rockwell Grand Commander 680.FS98 Aircraft - Rockwell Grand Commander 680 FLP (1964) Twin Supercharged and Pressurized 7-10 seats aircraft. The 680FLP originally came out in 1964. This modes represents a 680FLP that was operated in Switzerland in the late 60's and early 70's. Painted in a typical 60's color scheme bearing red stripes on a mainly white background. Features photorealistic panel by Michael Tscherdantzew Jr. and sounds by John de Miranda. Nikki Schumann . File size 1812304
FS98 Lockheed Electra L-188. KLM Original design: Bill Schulz Flight Model: Mike Vidal. File size 136878
FS98 Fairchild Provider C-123. Thiago Soussumi File size 86545
FS98 Piper Colt PA22-108. Piper PA-22-108 Colt for FS98 by Jerry Arzdorf The Piper Colt was introduced in 1961. It's a two seat and has a 108 hp Lycoming engine. Over 2000 were built. For once I have built a tricycle gear aircraft. Elliott's Flying Service of MLI helped with research. File size 184022
FS98 Sean Tucker Challenger 2. File size 88815
FS98 Embraer EMB 120. Continental Express Embraer EMB-120 Brasilia. Chris Bawden File size 36557
FS98 California Forestry Commission Lockheed P3 OrionCDF California Dept. of Forestry This particular design is made with a special undercarriage reservoir with a capacity of 3000 gallons for storage of retardant materialfor forest fire protection. with sound. Bob Tremblay. File size 558363
FS98 Alitalia Dornier 328.FS98 Dornier 328, a twin turboprop regional aircraft in the Alitalia Express-Minerva livery. Aircraft by Bill Alderson and paint-job by Roberto Crnjar. File size 218712

FS98 SIAI Marchetti SF260. Very successful Italian plane, marketed in the US as the Waco Meteor.MOVING PARTS SF260 & panel for FS98 This plane is equipped with new features like: -Moving/Transparent prop -Moving flaps -Moving ailerons -Moving landing gear -Transparent canopy -11 textures -new and detailed checklist Panel and FD are unchanged from previous version ANGELO MONETA. File size 609212