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Scenery Page 33
Cape Canaveral FS98. 2 Bgl files covering the cape from 1966 to 1999 with Pad texture files and requires Apt2.1 texture files.This scenery is a lay over of the fs98 default scenery. By Peter Kodis:API's by Dan Geis. File size 269259
Cambridge Airport, UK with Marshall Aerospace center. File size 666206. U Loehl.

South West Scotland v 1.0 Scenery for FS98 First part of scenery covering the South West Scotland with detailed scenery of Glasgow Prestwick Airport which lies some 30 miles south of Glasgow on the picturesque Ayrshire coast. This is an enhancement to FS default scenery and adds more realistic textures to the immediate surrounding country side with emphasis on the golf courses. Iain Gallacher. File size 811829

FS98 LUKE AFB 1999 Dynamic Scenery Luke AFB is one of the largest training bases in the US Air Force.These files add 5 dynamic and 45 static aircraft plus some buildings to the default scenery. It is a representation of what this base is like now and gives the FlightSim pilot the opportunity to fly formation with modern Air Force aircraft. By Gary D.Jones. File size 284402

CUBA 2000-V1 For FS98. Airports, Havana, mountains, cities etc. By Toni Agramont. File size 3MB

FS98 Dynamic/Static Scenery for Milan Malpensa 2000 This scenery contains 13 moving airplanes that use runways 35L & R for take off and landings. Includes additional static planes, mostly of Alitalia. Requires MXP_v2.zip by Raffaele Fiore. This version is compatible, ONLY, with Nord Italy99 by F. Mandelli Dynamic scenery by Bruno Koppel. File size 922611
CFS / FS98 Scenery Jungle Island II Fictional island - 3D mesh terrain created with TerraBuilder 1.56. You will find an airport, oilrigg, carrier, moving ships and a small jungle-village. The island is located near the Combat Base Island in the hawaiian area. The terrain is full landable in CFS, some parts in FS98 too. By Ralf-Jürgen Triebel (X_MAT). File size 1.9MB

Quito, Ecuador This scenery includes the Mariscal Sucre Inernational Airport, with dynamic scenery, trees, cars, buildings, and much more; Parque la carolina, avenues, Atahualpa Olympic stadium and Shops includes too . Was created using VOD, DOD and Airport 2.10 By Pablo Garzón Gavilanes. File size 221KB

Manabí, Ecuador This scenery includes the Manabí Militar Airport, with dynamic scenery and more. Was created using VOD, DOD and Airport 2.10 By Pablo Garzón Gavilanes. File size 151KB
FS98-Davis Monthan AFB--Tuscon,(AZ)Arizona--This file adds (AMARC) The Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Ceter to the default airport. This file adds 100s of B52s,707s and F4s and shows how big this Bone Yard is. The BGL also contains local salvage yards and the Pima Air Museum. By Peter Kodis : APIs by Dan Geis