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Scenery Page 5

Grass runway texture, FS98-New,Updated version of the original GRASS RUNWAY texture.It looks great,much,much more real.Having landed/taken off on many grass runways,i know what they look like and have made a very real texture for simmers. By The Scenery Worksn. File size 104989

Ground texture file. FS98 Scenery - Re-painted custom texture files. Re-painted versions of the custom texture files in Philipp Tiemann's "newcrops.zip" onclick="NewWindow(this.href,'name','730','400','yes');return false"> intended to replace the standard FS98 "crops" textures. This re-paint includes Spring, damp Fall and frosty Winter versions. The 'summer' texture from the original zip is included unchanged. The textures enhance the Sacramento/California area, and, especially, Northern Europe. Re-paint by Tony Smith. a. File size 144706

San Diego metro area.San Diego Metro Area for FS98 This is another metro area enhancement for the state of California. Detailed scenery of San Diego Intl/Lindbergh Field is included, as well as San Diego Gillespie and Montgomery Fields. Additionally, 25 mountains, and 150 roads have been added to enhance the scenery. SAN includes taxiway signs, jetways, and surrounding area. By Aaron Seymour file size 162522

FS98 Hong Kong Kai Tek. Practice the banked approach at this infamous runway. File size 532252 Dynamic senery available on next page!

FS98 Toronto - airports, city & includes Niagara Falls. File size 592101

FS98 Denver Int'l Airport with gates etc. File size 598784

FS98 Memphis, with the FedEx building. File size 597595

FS98 Meigs Field upgrade. Adds many new details. File size 651730

FS98 Winter mountain texture. Does not effect texture in other seasons. File size 173667

FS98 Sao Paulo. 47 airports, 83 navaids. File size 287443