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Vintage Page 12
FS98 RAF Boeing B29 bomber. File size 254315
FS98 Bugatti Racer Type 100. Contained 2 Bugatti engines but never flourished due to the onset of WW2. File size 196840
FS98 Wright F2W2 Racer, capable of 235mph. File size 148449
FS98 Wright F2W1 Racer, managed 247mph. File size 131962
FS98 Hellspawn Racing Texan T6. Full pack with panel & sound. File size 1663119
FS98 Martin Marauder B-26, for FS5 so use converter to install. File size 107976

FS98 Spirit of St Louis - the legendary Charles Lindberg plane thaat was the 1st to fly over the atlantic from New York to Paris in 1937. Full pack with panel & sound. File size 1025885. D Arnes, M Hambly, J Unschuld

FS98 B-24 Liberator, full pack with panel & sound. File size 2044927. Oscar Everitt
FS98 Heinkel He 51B, c. 1938 with panel. File size 1611205
FS98 Gloster Grebe II with panel. File size 436598. M Vader, F Elton