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FS98/FS2000 Aircraft Douglas Dc-3,Repainted in fantasy Santa Claus paint scheme by Claudio Pedrazzini from Original by Gene Lacy Texture by Claudio Pedrazzini Features moving parts, lights , etc. File size 125633

FS98/FS2000 USAF Air Rescue C-47. Very high quality by Flight Sim Developers. Requires panel. Full range of moving parts & documentation. File size 4MB. Suggested panel here


Douglas C-47 MATS These files are not patches but UPDATES to our C47FSD. The new AIR file includes unique Supercharger functions and for the first time gives you the oppertunity to control Prop RPM independent from throttle input allowing you to fly the aircraft as per flight manual. We have also been able to add more realistic start-up and shoot-down movements. Other fine tweaks have been added to fine tune flight panel instrument function and enhance and bring flight controls to what would be expected if flying the real thing. The two sound files have been remastered to uptimize the sound experience. By Jim Goldman, Steve Small, Larry Teele, Robert Kirkland, Gerry Schmidt, Mike Hambly and Reoland Ludoph FlightSim Developers (FSD). 220K

Douglas C-47 MATS TEXTURE upgrades. This C-47 package only includes TEXTURE upgrades to the original C-47 MATS. These new TEXTURES enhance and allow for much higher resolutions and detail. By Jim Goldman, Larry Teele, Robert Kirkland, Steve Small, Gerry Schmidt, Mike Hambly and Reoland Ludoph FlightSim Developers (FSD) Jan, 2000 . 2.2MB

FS98 Stal-6 - Soviet Experimental high-speed fighter. Designed by Roberto Bartini, italian communist, worked in Soviet Union. Clean aerodynamics, evaporating cooling system and retractable landing gear allowed good flight performance even with moderate powerful engine. In 1932 STAL-6 reached on flight tests 420 kph - unoficial speed record of Soviet Union. By Alexander A. Belov. 165K

FS98 Dornier 18F with moving parts PEGASUS AVIATION DESIGN Design: Moriarty Panel: Michael Vader Sound: Mike Hambly. 3.4MB

FS98 Lockheed Vega with moving parts PEGASUS AVIATION DESIGN 67K

FS98 Lockheed P-38 L Lightning "White Lightnin´" for FS98, FS 2000 and Combat FS of Marvin "Lefty" Gardner, USA by Bernd Drefahl 307K

FS98 Royal Air Force De Havilland DH-100 Vampire FB.5. Aircraft with panel & sounds from Antoine Delacretaz, repaint and little modifications by Simone Pratticò; panel from Dave Haskell with modifications for the Vampire by Simone Pratticò; sound for the Vampire by Mike Hambly. Package by Simone Pratticò. 2.4MB

FS98 Lockheed P-38 Lightning "California Cutie" for FS98, Combat FS and Fs 2000 with moving parts & panel. Of The Fighter Collection, Duxford UK by Bernd Drefahl. 348K
FS2000/ FS98 Lockheed 1049H Save a Connie by Dave McQueen. 237K
FS98 Avro Lancaster B 1 Special 617 Sqn RAF An aircraft for FS98 by Keith Clifford/Pegasus Aviation Design This aircraft, PD119, was specially modified to carry the 22,000 lb Grand Slam bomb. Barnes Wallis designed a series of bombs designed to penetrate deep targets. The first was the Tallboy which was used successfully against the Tirpitz. This aircraft was flown by W/C Johnny Fauqier, RCAF, on the attack on the railway viaduct at Arnsberg in March 1945. Features include animated propellers, flaps and landing gear. A checklist is also provided. The bomb can be toggled on/off using the / key. 70K