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This represents my search of the various libraries at Simviation for aircraft source files - both afx (made with AF99 or FSFS) and fsc (made with FSDS Pro). If you do use any of these files, for repainting and/or modifying, please remember to give due credit to the original author(s), even if they don't ask for such.

Felix Rodriguez

Updated September,2001

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Piper PA25 Pawnee 235. Fs98 Piper Pa-25-235 Pawnee HR-AEC, Version 1.0 this plane flew for DIVESA in the fruit plantations ( Chiquita Banana ) in La Lima, Honduras in the 70's. Transparent Efects (Prop, Cockpit, Spray), Includes AFX & Textures, By Jose A. Rosa E.File size 81941
FS98 Piper Cheyenne III. FS98 Piper Cheyenne III. This package contains the aircraft, a custom panel and turboprop sounds. The aircraft contains 12-sided structures, complete moving parts, landing lights, nav lights, working wing tip tanks and a custom flight model. The panel provides a world-wide GPS gauge. AFX file included. By Chuck Dome. Public domain. File size 1140498
Cessna T303 Crusader for FS2000 Pro. Includes full moving parts and a custom night-lit panel with custom gauges. The FSC, MPI and NMP files are provided for users of FSDS and Aircraft Animator. By Chuck Dome. 881K
FS2000 Northwest Airlink Saab 340 FS2000 Northwest Airlink Saab 340 Features full moving parts, including flaps, airelons, rudder, landing gear doors and landing gear, as well as elevators. Also includes a transparent cockpit. The flight dynamics are fairly accurate. The .fsc file is included for FSDS users. The aircraft was animated using Abacus Aircraft Animator. Designed by Greggory Payne using FSDS Pro. 801K
FS2000 Cessna Cardinal 177RG, package by Dana McGee. This is a major rebuild of Eric Johnson's original design. It has full moving parts, lights, and transparent windows with full interior. Panel with Custom Nightlit gauges, Two panel options for ACS-GPS or 2000 default GPS. AFX available at Freeflight Design Shop - Civilian Section1.8MB
FS2000 M400 Skycar. Based on a real aircraft designed by Paul Moller. See his site An original FSDS design includes transparent, opening canopy, panel sounds, a choice of textures & more. Designer AC Kerkhove. 8.4MB
FSDS files including FSC for use in FSDS modification. (Permission must be obtained prior to any redistribution). 2.7MB
Fix for the M400 by AC Kerkhove Unzip this file and then copy all the files to the M400 map in the FS2000 Aircraft Map. These files gives the M400 aircraft better Flightdynamics solve some speed problems and make the aircraft more stable. I will try to keep improving the airfiles. any suggestions are welcome. 16K
FS2000 Piper Arrow-II PA28-200R. The I-AMAU is an aircraft of the Biella Cerrione Aeroclub in Torino, Italy. Its model is partly based on the Piper Warrior-II, uploaded two months ago as Adapted panel, new flight dynamics, new model with textures and moving parts. Pilot with passenger inside. FSDS Source for .mdl included. Public domain: with my work you can do anything you want. By Rien Cornelissen

FS2000 Piper Arrow II PA28-200R. (update). The I-AMAU is an aircraft of the Biella Cerrione Aeroclub in Torino, Italy. FSDS source for .mdl included. By Rien Cornelissen. 3.2MB


FS2000 Aerospatiale Gazelle with improved textures & rotor effects. Full moving parts including rudder pedals, transparent canopy, etc. By Pete Daly. 2MB
Update only for those who had the previous version ( or 1MB
FSDS FSC (590K) for anyone who wishes to work on or improve this model.


FS2000 Phoenix Fanjet single-engine private jet by Alberta Aerospace. Created with FSDS by ABACUS, with 16-sided structures, BMP textures, moving gear and control surfaces. Custom panel and FSC file included. FS2000 Pro Edition required. By Chuck Dome. 414K

FS2000 Bombardier Global ExpressFS2000 Bombardier Global Express. Features full moving parts, including recessed rotating fans. Also includes a custom panel and FSC files for FSDS users. Pro Edition not required. By Chuck Dome. 606K

FS2000 Learjet 31A.. Features 36-sided structures, 512x512 BMP textures and full moving parts, including recessed, rotating fans. FSC file included for FSDS users. By Chuck Dome. 183K

FS2000 Century Jet CA-100. Features 512x512 BMP textures and full moving parts. Includes a custom night-lit panel and hi-res interior. FSC file included for FSDS users. Pro Edition not required. By Chuck Dome. 893K

FS2000 Dassault Falcon 100 executive jet. Features full moving parts, a custom night-lit panel and custom interior. Includes the FSC file for FSDS users and the MPI and NMP files for Aircraft Animator users. By Chuck Dome. 1MB


FSDS pilot FSC file.. For use in your FSDS Pro aircraft. Just add textures, headsets, goggles, etc. By David Eckert. 69K

FS2000 Jet Engine! Ever thought that the engines supplied with your aircraft looked slightly less than realistic. I know I have, so I thought I'd have a go at my own, I brought FSDS and have now produced a turbofan based on the CFM56 family. I should be interested in its effect of framerates on different users systems. If anyone is interested I will foward the FSDS files for them to include in their own aircraft. Using it in FS2K was fun, never flown just an engine before!. Brian Franklin. 1.5M
Paper plane. A simple, fun, yet fully functional glider for FS 98. Would make an ideal redesign project for anyone just getting started with aircraft factory or animator. Afx and component files are included. By Richard Steele. 45K
FS2000: THE MILLENNIUM FALCON. Version 1.0 This model of the Falcon is a prototype craft of the Modified Corellian YT-1300 Freighter. It has a conventional wheeled undercarrage so it can be landed conventionally and it is also capable of VTOL/STOL using flaps. Model, animation, cockpit and cockpit views e.t.c. all produced by myself. The FSC file for FSDS Pro is also included in the zip file. By Steve ( RATT ) Robinson. 2.1MB


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